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over heating laptop predator Helios 300

  timmytom7 01:22 27 May 2019

so my laptop has a intel core i7 8th gen and i find that sometimes while playing games it gets extremely hot like today it went 1 degrees c off automatic shutdown i was wondering what might be causing such drastic over heating the games im playing dont seem that taxing e.g dauntless i have had the laptop for about 5-6 months but it has always been like this

  wee eddie 02:02 27 May 2019

Is it on your knees by any chance

  wee eddie 02:24 27 May 2019

When did you last clean the dust out of the airways?

  timmytom7 23:58 27 May 2019

never but this has been a problem since i got it and it was brand new and no it was on a table

  Secret-Squirrel 09:17 28 May 2019

Timmy, all gaming laptops run hot when gaming - especially ones like yours with high-performance components inside a relatively slim case. Most of the time it's nothing to worry about. today it went 1 degrees c off automatic shutdown........

What does that mean exactly? What temperatures (GPU & CPU) were you measuring at that time? Let me know and I'll advise further.

By the way, don't attempt to open the case to access and clean the cooling system. Your model has numerous plastic clips and hooks holding it together and they can be easily broken.

  wee eddie 13:26 28 May 2019

I doubt that this will do any harm.

Borrow a hair dryer and use it to blow in, in the opposite direction of the normal airflow.

What the others say about normal for Gaming Laptops is quite right

  Secret-Squirrel 16:29 28 May 2019

............... those wires and clips are put their by manufacturers simply to check if they have been opened by a consumer

No Keith, the plastic clips are there to hold the case together tightly. Some are more fragile than others. A pry tool or similar should be used to disengage the clips when opening the laptop, although in this case, it's the last thing the OP needs to do.

  timmytom7 18:04 29 May 2019

so idk what exactly my friend showed me but i believe it is intel core i7 8th gen threshold temperature(100c) the cpu is getting to 99 c the gpu 87 c this is with auto fans and cool boost enabled

  Secret-Squirrel 19:06 29 May 2019 is intel core i7 8th gen threshold temperature(100c).......

Ah, yes, I see what you mean. According to Intel the maximum temperataure for an Intel Core i7-8750H is indeed 100°C. On the other hand, a leading well-respected review website tested your model and measured the maximum temperature for the CPU at 97°C and 84°C for the GPU. Those values are very close to your findings although the website didn't express any concerns. They did point out that your model runs a lot hotter than other gaming laptops.

As long as your laptop doesn't suddenly turn itself off then try not to worry about it. If you want to do something then get yourself a can of compressed air and direct the jet into the openings at the back. Don't shake the can and keep it upright at all times. It probably won't help because you said that it's been running hot since day one.

If your laptop does shutdown due to overheating then get in touch with the retailer before the warranty runs out.

  x13 23:46 29 May 2019

Have a look at this video as to undervolting and read the comments if you wish. Interesting but it will lower your CPU's performance a tad. It's a heat/ performance issue. YouTube.

Something like this should certainly help the air flow.

  x13 23:48 29 May 2019

PS watch the volume output when showing game samples!!!!

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