Over clocking My processor

  bluerreyes 21:49 05 Sep 2006

Below I have shown my PC Specs. Can anyone tell me if it is feasible to over clock my processor and if so how do I go about this?. The reason is I am trying to paly battlefield two and it says my processor is to slow.

Operating System System Model
Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2 (build 2600) TimeComputers MS-6378
Enclosure Type: Desktop
Processor a Main Circuit Board b
1.33 gigahertz AMD Athlon XP Board: MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD MS-6378(VT8361)
Bus Clock: 133 megahertz
BIOS: Award Software International, Inc. 6.00 PG 10/18/2001
Drives Memory Modules c,d
58.47 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
47.62 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space

HL-DT-ST CD-RW GCE-8160B [CD-ROM drive]
3.5" format removeable media [Floppy drive]

SAMSUNG SV6003H [Hard drive] (58.48 GB) -- drive 0, s/n 0400J1FR903150, rev QQ100-07, SMART Status: Healthy 504 Megabytes Installed Memory
Local Drive Volumes

c: (FAT32 on drive 0) 58.47 GB 47.62 GB free

Network Drives
None detected
Users (mouse over user name for details) Printers
local user accounts last logon
DAIRE 23/06/2006 19:53:36
GRAINNE 15/08/2006 21:32:49
Paul haughey 05/09/2006 21:07:52 (admin)
local system accounts
Administrator never (admin)
ASPNET never
Guest never
HelpAssistant never
SUPPORT_388945a0 never

Marks a disabled account; Marks a locked account Lexmark Z22-Z32 Color Jetprinter on LPT1:

Controllers Display
Standard floppy disk controller
Primary IDE Channel [Controller]
Secondary IDE Channel [Controller]
VIA Bus Master IDE Controller NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 [Display adapter]
Trident Video Accelerator Blade 3D/ProMedia [Display adapter]
Default Monitor (2x)
LGE 75N [Monitor] (16.3"vis)
Bus Adapters Multimedia
VIA Rev 5 or later USB Universal Host Controller (2x) nVidia WDM Video Capture (universal)
Standard Game Port
VIA AC'97 Audio Controller (WDM)
Communications Other Devices
HSP56 World MicroModem

BT Voyager 205 ADSL Router
primary Auto IP Address: / 24
Dhcp Server:
Physical Address: 00:11:F5:37:F1:2E

Networking Dns Server:
Ideazon PS2 Zboard [Keyboard]
Compatible PS/2 Port Mouse
USB Root Hub (2x)
Virus Protection [Back to Top]
eTrust EZ Antivirus Version
Realtime File Scanning On

  woodchip 22:09 05 Sep 2006

First time I new they made a 1.33 Athlon

  woodchip 22:11 05 Sep 2006

I think what you need to do is go into BIOS to see what Frequency the CPU is working at it should be at least 133 FSB not 100

  woodchip 22:12 05 Sep 2006

PS watch your computer as it starts it should say what size CPU

  SANTOS7 22:15 05 Sep 2006

Minimum requirements for game 1.7Ghz any amount of overclocking is only going to seriously compromise your processor and is ill advised.

  sean-278262 22:22 05 Sep 2006

If you require a 1.7ghz processor

click here

Just upgrade your mobo supports it and for 30quid you save the hastle of maybe frying the CPU if not more. Ebay is a wealth of these some going for as little as a tenner!

  bluerreyes 00:02 06 Sep 2006

Sorry if im being nieve what but what do you mean by upgrading my mobo support? Could you give me more information on this please. Even step by step instuctions would be great sorry for being to forward.

  sean-278262 00:06 06 Sep 2006

I mean just get a new processor as your Motherboard supports the one I showed you. If you want a bit more power and are willing to spend more you could get a 3000 or more.

  bluerreyes 00:09 06 Sep 2006

Is it hard to replace the processor sorry for asking so many questions its just I like to know everything before i try it. How do I know my board is compatible with new processor?

  sean-278262 00:14 06 Sep 2006

Easy peasy. The hardest part is getting a suitable processor.

You just
- Buy the processor and heat compound
- Open the case
- Remove the fan and heatsink
- Remove the old processor
- Insert the new one
- add heat compound to the core
- place the heatsink back
- Ensure it is all tight
- Boot the PC and be sure all is ok
- then turn off and reclose the case.

Very very easy. Of course you will want more clarification but it would be best to cover that at another time. You can keep or ebay the other processor after and maybe make 5 - 10quid.

  sean-278262 00:15 06 Sep 2006

Knowing if your board is compatable is easy just google the name of the board and look for the tech specs.

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