Over 20gb added to hdd overnight

  Linkslade 18:59 21 Aug 2016


Started up my Lenovo desktop PC running Win10 with AU installed and found it had put on a bit of weight overnight. 20-30gb in fact. Had a good look round thinking that that amount of gb's would be fairly easy to spot but nothing obvious shows up.

Any advice appreciated.

  BRYNIT 19:30 21 Aug 2016

You could try. Open this PC/explorer and put in the search box yesterdays or today's date to see what files have been created you can then customise the search by size if needed.

  Linkslade 19:53 21 Aug 2016

Thanks for that Brynit will give it a try.

  john bunyan 20:07 21 Aug 2016

How many restore points do you have? Do you have a Windows.old folder? C cleaner tools - system restore - delete all but latest 2 . If you have a Windows.old folder check its size . You can use disk cleanup to delete it but check the procedure first.

  Linkslade 11:12 22 Aug 2016

Thanks for your reply John the problem is now solved. I'd been having problems with the free version of EaseUS Todo recently which unknown to me had resulted in an overweight file. I'm now looking for a decent paid for back up which even I could follow.

Anyone any recommendations?

  john bunyan 11:28 22 Aug 2016

For images I think Macrium Reflect is fine.

  john bunyan 11:37 22 Aug 2016

Ps The free version! NB ensure images are on a separate drive.

  Linkslade 13:00 22 Aug 2016

Thanks again for that, am downloading the free version as we speak! Take your point about the seperate drive, I've seen a similar warning regarding that elsewhere.

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