Outlook’s misleading messages

  Onizuka 15:02 16 Jun 2011

When I click on a link in an e-mail Firefox 4 opens up to the correct page but I also get a message box in Outlook 2007 saying that there was a general failure. For example, in today’s PCA Newsletter there was an article entitled "EU ministers seek to ban creation of 'hacking tools'" and clicking on it took me to the article. However, the message box in Outlook said

Microsoft Office Outlook General failure. The URL was:


The system cannot find the file specified.

Not surprisingly my response to Microsoft’s question in the box “Was this information helpful?” was NO.

This happens with every link I click on to any website. Can anyone tell me why I am getting these messages?

  Woolwell 16:27 16 Jun 2011

It would seem that clicking on a link also tries to open Outlook. There is a possibility of malware or virus causing this. Have you done a full antivirus scan. Suggest also run malwarebytes Malwarebytes free

  Onizuka 16:40 16 Jun 2011

Woolwell When I click on a link it is in an e-mail which is open within Outlook. Do you mean that something is trying to open Outlook when it is already open? I have Kaspersky PURE as my main security suite and also run Malwarebytes from time to time and neither has ever found anything.

  Woolwell 17:04 16 Jun 2011

Sorry misread your original post and didn't realise that this was from within an e-mail. Do links in other e-mails work correctly?

I suspect that this problem is caused by an ad in the PCA newsletter. I don't receive them any more so cannot check.

  Onizuka 11:02 17 Jun 2011

I've checked a number of links in other e-mails and all produce the same message, so it doesn't look as if the problem is anything to do with the PCA newsletter. The message appears regardless of which website the link is to.

I don't recall having this problem with Firefox 3 although I've no idea if Firefox 4 is to blame.

Has any other forum member had this same problem?

  Woolwell 11:08 17 Jun 2011

If they all produce exactly the same message ie trying to open p2tre.emv3.com then I suspect an Outlook add-in or malware.

  Onizuka 15:53 17 Jun 2011

I set IE9 as the default browser on my desktop PC and that seemed to do the trick, but when I reset Firefox 4 as the default the messages reappeared. However, in the process I discovered that if Firefox was already open when I clicked a link within an e-mail there was no message. The message only seems to appear if clicking the link also opens Firefox. I'm not clear why this should happen as it does not occur on my laptop which still has Firefox 3.

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