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  MoiraB 12:08 10 Mar 2003

I don't normally send emails to multiple recipients but when we moved recently I tried to send one to all our friends giving the new address. It bounced back saying unable to deliver to the following recipients and the list included all those I had sent to. I've had the same problem today when trying to send something to about 9 or 10 people. If I send to individuals no problem.

Any ideas? Is it something I can reset within Outlook or on the Freeserve home page? Thanks in advance.

  powerless 12:15 10 Mar 2003

Are you adding a "," after the email address...

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], ...

Also how big is the email? Does it contain an attachemnt? Are some of the email addresses web based, hotmail for example?

Scan for viruses...

Check you SMTP settings... Tools > Account > Freeserve Account > Properties > Server > Make sure it is "smtp.freeserve.com" it can also be .net.

  MoiraB 14:27 10 Mar 2003

Thanks Powerless but I'd already done all that. Any email sent to just one person goes without a problem so I assume that my settings in Outlook are OK or nothing would go. No attachments and not a big email just text. The machine is scanned for viruses every evening.

  watchful 14:45 10 Mar 2003

This is for Win.XP O.E. so may not be the same but when creating New Message, bring up address book, Edit, Select All and choose Action tab then typed message should go out to all in address book.

  MoiraB 17:01 10 Mar 2003

I'm using Win 98 but I don't want to send it to everyone in my address book only a selected few. I have selected them from the address book so I'm not mistyping any addresses or anything as they all go when I send an individual email.

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