Outlook/Firefox/GMail interface

  warthog01 13:51 04 Mar 2005

I'm running Outlook 2002, Mozilla Firefox and have just started dabbling with the GMail beta. I've set up the Email account and when I test the functions in setup, it shows a failure in sending the test Email. I also get an error message which tells me the ISP doesn't recognize my username or password. The kicker is, I am able to send "real" GMails apparently without a problem. The only problem is the (serious) annoyance of getting that error message periodically. Can anyone suggest a fix??

  Yoda Knight 13:55 04 Mar 2005

what do u have in ur settings for pop3 and smtp ? Gmail wont use any of ur ISP settings as it is http based (Correct me if I'm wrong - similar to hotmail ?)

  warthog01 13:59 04 Mar 2005

Hi Yoda Knight

I'm using the settings GMail provides: pop.gmail.com and smtp.gmail.com

Forgot to mention in original message, I'm running XP Pro as well.


  Yoda Knight 14:06 04 Mar 2005

for user name have you added the @gmail bit ?

  warthog01 14:25 04 Mar 2005

Yep--I've tried it with and without

  Yoda Knight 14:46 04 Mar 2005

who is ur isp ?

  warthog01 14:48 04 Mar 2005

PIPEX Broadband

  Yoda Knight 15:11 04 Mar 2005

hmmm... I've heard of some ISPs blocking access, maybe check with them ?

All out of ideas here... :(

  warthog01 16:41 04 Mar 2005

No, they haven't blocked access--again, I can send/receive Gmail fine--it's just the popup error message I want to get rid of.

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