Outlook2003 and tiscali

  The Sheep 22:40 14 Nov 2005

Hello all. I have recently changed my ISP to tiscali and am having problems configuring Outlook2003 to my new email address.

I have gone throught the settings 100 times so i know that all is correct (ie no ,'s instead of .'s etc). I have also spoken to tiscali tech support (who have twice replied with standard blah, blah, blah responses).

Does anyone know of any conflicts between the two? I have several email addresses configured through outlook2003 from several providers and none have given me any probs?

Any ideas peeps?

  mgmcc 23:57 14 Nov 2005

What exactly is the problem:

- Is Outlook refusing to accept and save the address you enter?

- Are messages going out without an address or with the wrong address?

- Are messages being rejected at some stage of the transfer?

  The Sheep 11:28 15 Nov 2005

when i do the test through outlook2003, it send messages no problem..........it simply will not receive them. So the problem is obviously with the POP3 side of things???

  rawprawn 12:16 15 Nov 2005

With tiscali I find sometimes the site "locks up" have you tried leaving it alone for an hour or so then try again. Also it is pop.tiscali.co.uk (Just in case you have something different)

  The Sheep 17:10 15 Nov 2005

Guys, I have absolutely no idea what happenend, but..........after leaving it for a day (and not changing any settings), I tried it again and it seems to be working no problem.

I sent a good few emails to their tech support regarding this so I do feel the problem was on their side. None the less its now working and i'm happy, forthe time being :)

thanks for the replies!

  rawprawn 17:49 15 Nov 2005

I'm glad you solved your problem by leaving it alone, just a question to help me understand what is happening. Did you try to go into your email via tiscali home page at any time? Please respond as I feel there are several people with this problem.

  The Sheep 13:14 16 Nov 2005

Hi, sorry took me so long to reply to this.........thought the post was dead and

Yes, i went into my email through the home page loads of times. Thats how i knew the test emails Outlook2003 were sending to it were being delivered.

BTW........its still working OK.

I seem to remember a while ago whilst setting up my Dads PC with outlook express and tiscali, it said something about conflicts with Outlook2003, although now there os no mention on their site regarding this.

  rawprawn 12:20 17 Nov 2005

Thanks for the response, visiting Tiscali home page to check emails does seem to cause a problem which resolves itself if you leave it alone. I believe that you get "locked out" for about an hour.

  The Sheep 12:27 17 Nov 2005

Ahhh, I see. So leave the homepage alone and Outlook2003 should function OK.

That wont be a problem if thats the case. The only time i would use the webpage for mail is at work, and it takes me more than an hour to communte home :( lol.


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