Outlook XP anomoly

  Chris the Ancient 17:38 27 Jul 2009

It used to be, in my emails, that when an email was received, it went through my Rules filter and would go to the appropriate mail folder. The folder would show the presence of unread messages, enclosed in parentheses, next to the folder name.

Lately, that number of unread messages suffix has gone.


  Sea Urchin 17:47 27 Jul 2009

Try this

click here

  Chris the Ancient 18:01 27 Jul 2009

Tried that link... It said what I SHOULD do, but there is no "Show total number of items" available anywhere in the properties. }-|

I shall try searching the kb more. Also weird, Although I'm on XP Pro, it says in 'Help' that my Outlook is 2002.

Curioser and curioser.

  Chris the Ancient 18:12 27 Jul 2009

Tried sending myself an email and the system worked.

It looks as though it is one particular contact. So I shall re-write the rules for them and see what happens next time they email me.

I'll call it sorted... for now.

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