Outlook vs OE

  Jackcoms 18:03 23 Oct 2004

I use Outlook for my calendar and appointments and use Outlook Express as my e-mail client.

My e-mail addresses are all stored in OE.

If I import my addresses from OE to Outlook will they 'move' permanently out of OE into Outlook or will they then be available in both programs?

  GaT7 18:40 23 Oct 2004

I use OE for emails & use OL regularly to import/backup from OE, transfering messages, addresses, etc. From my experience addresses do NOT move permanently from OE to OL. Even if they did you could import/export them back - give it a try. HTH, G

  Jackcoms 18:59 23 Oct 2004


OK. Addresses now imported into OL from OE and all addresses are now available in both programs - which is exactly what I was trying to achieve.


  Alan2 20:53 23 Oct 2004


I migrated everything from OE to OL ie all mail folders and address book. If you have OL I can't see any value in having OE at all.

Made OL the default mail prog in IE.

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