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  David-243888 10:44 28 Jun 2003

I have a problem which is foxing our IT dept (4 months old now). Setup:-

Working from home.....

W2000 - Dell laptop (new) - with Netgear MA401 wireless card - to DG824M (wireless hub/ADSL router)... also on the laptop is a Safenet VPN Client to our office exchange server and corporate network.

Access to the office server is fine and I can retrieve files over the VPN no probs. Issue comes when I use Outlook (*just sending email* or looking at the calendar). error msg "may be Network Problems" However, occassionaly very short msg/text gets through. Send anything *normal* in size (say one line of text) and the whole thing hangs.

I've messed around with the MTU length on the DG824 but NO joy.

Anyone any ideas??

  jazzypop 11:43 28 Jun 2003

Which version of Outlook?

Does this problem only occur when you are using your VPN connection?

When you try to send mail, are you connecting to the company to do so, e.g. and Exchange server, or a commercial ISP?

Have you tried setting up an alternative email account (e.g. Yahoo, or one of the many free POP3 email accounts that Google will locate for you). This will help isolate whether the problem is at your end (within Outlook, or within your network configuration), or within the receivng end (your workplace server).

Have you checked within Event Viewer for error messages?

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