"Outlook is very slow in 2003............

  Forum Editor 18:17 28 Aug 2010

but is more integrated in 2010, and much more responsive"

I have to say that in my experience (which includes participation in the early beta testing program) it's not the case that Outlook 2010 is much more responsive - at least compared with Outlook 2007, which was what I was using previously.

I'm a big Microsoft Office user, and I like most of it, but Outlook drives me mad a lot of the time. It takes forever to download Mail, is far too complicated for its own good, and for general use isn't a patch on Mozilla Thunderbird, which is free and lightning fast, although it doesn't have all the bells and whistles that come with Outlook 2010.

I use Outlook because I need it in my working life, but it's a long way from being my favourite software.

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