Outlook v Orange live-box

  kennythejoiner 09:17 26 Dec 2010

I have recently bought a new laptop.
It found and set it self up to the live-box OK, set it up wireless OK, But it wont let me add any email address.

Done all the usual things I ended up going to my mothers house (there with BT) set it up, and it sends and receives OK with outlook.

I then phone India (orange help)so between my accent I'm Scottish and theres it was quite difficult to under stand them.
The the first one said I would be better phoning my service provider I said I am thats I'm talking to you!! The second time I phoned the guy went through all the set up for setting up live box and and emails.

That never worked.
As I could connect to the Internet he said the live-box was working and not being able to set up email addresses was a Microsoft problem And I should be phoning them not orange..

I don't want to leave orange I have a great deal with them as i have an orange Mobile , But I don't like having to check my mail by doing it through explorer.

Question is is there a known fix for this It cant just be me. I have my original PC connected to the same live-box and works to a certain degree collecting and sending emails, It wont send with one of my accounts that requires a SPA setting although it will receive.All of these accounts were in the the PC when it was wanadoo and the just moved over to orange.

  bremner 09:22 26 Dec 2010

It does sound like an Outlook rather than Orange issue.

Now you have the accounts set up, having done so at your mothers, what happens when you try to send or receive email at home?

  bremner 09:23 26 Dec 2010

Sorry should have read

"an Orange rather than Outlook issue"

  kennythejoiner 09:37 26 Dec 2010

All I done was changed it from BT to orangehome and thought it would work but it never..

  bremner 09:53 26 Dec 2010

What did you change.

You email settings should be the same irrespective of what ISP you are using.

You will have to input three things into the Outlook Account to set up the email:

Your email address:
The POP3 address of your email
The smtp address of your email

With whom do you have your email account?

  bremner 09:58 26 Dec 2010

I am not too familiar with the Livebox but does it have a built in Firewall that could be blocking Outlook?

  kennythejoiner 10:27 26 Dec 2010

I drooped the fire wall on the PC and the live-box made no difference.
I have a i4phone when I plugged it in to the PC for the first time it downloaded my settings and contacts It sends and receives no problem as well.
The settings on one of my accounts on the mobile shows pop as tiscale and SMTP as orangehome it works fine with them settings..

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:34 26 Dec 2010

As the livebox is an Orange device it will only allow you to connect to Orange and therefore is not likely to be blocking Orange :0)

You need to set you email correctly on your laptop

is this Outlook or outlook express?

OE tools - accounts - properties - connections tab - Always connect using local area network.
Servers tab -
incoming pop.orange.com (freeserve.com if long time customer and you have a freeserve email address)
outgoing smtp.orange.com (freeserve.com if long time customer and you have a freeserve email address)

Check your Account name and password are correct.
press OK

  kennythejoiner 14:15 26 Dec 2010

I had posted this on another forum (WSF a fishing one) and some one came up with the answer that seems to have solved the problum..heres his reply.

Try setting up on a different port, try Port 587, think orange block port 25 for some set ups, bet your on port 25. Before you do that though check the my server requires authentication box

  bremner 14:24 26 Dec 2010

A quick Google suggests that Orange may block Port 25 for non Orange smtp addresses.

Is your email non Orange?

  kennythejoiner 14:47 26 Dec 2010

Yes they were but it seems to be working fine now..

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