Outlook trying to send

  TN 09:58 23 Oct 2005

I am running Windows XP, with Outlook 2003 for my emails - when I try to send and receive the info at the bottom shows 'sending 2' - Now there are no emails in my draft section and I have nothing that has not been sent and subsequently I cannot receive my emails until these are 'sent'. Obviously nothing happens - anyone any idea what or where these phantom emails are so that I can delete them or otherwise get rid of them?
Any advice sincerely appreciated.

  Taff36 10:24 23 Oct 2005

In the left hand foldr pane click on Outbox and see if there are any e-mails in there that have not been sent. How many e-mail accounts have you set up? If more than one you may have drafted an e-mail and used the wrong account to send it from. It will be stuck in the outbox until you open it again and select the right account to send it from.

  TN 11:02 23 Oct 2005

No there are no drafts in the box and there are no emails in the out box. Although I have three email accounts all the emails I have sent recently (6 in the past 2 weeks) are shown in the sent items box. This is what my problem is in so far as nothing at all is showing - only when I am trying to send and receive when the 2 emails show at the bottom line

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