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  Publisher 21:31 22 May 2004

This is weird.

I have 4 email, accounts, one with my ISP (Force9) and three with my website company (oneandone.co.uk).

In Microsoft Outlook I can send and receive a test email from my ISP email, but the other three receive but don't send.

I seem to be able to send and receive emails OK, so why can't I send a test email?


  pmjd 23:38 22 May 2004

Just to check, you can send/recieve emails on all four accounts but can only recieve test messages on your ISP account.

If so that is weird....

I have had problems with Outlook XP/2003 where it was the smtp settings.

Your ISP may block smtp mail out to another account that is not held by them, all to do with the war against spam.

Another quick thought, what account is used by default to send emails? Is it you ISP one? When replying to messages recieved from the oneandone based accounts do you get any errors?

Outlook will default to use one account when sending emails, if it is your ISP one then that could be why you are not having any problems sending emails out.

Sorry for the rambling bits of this post, just written as it came.

Hope some of the ramblings make sense,

  Publisher 10:17 23 May 2004

Hi Paul,

I seem to be receiving and sending emails from all accounts OK.

My default email address is NOT one of the ISP ones.

All accounts seem to work OK, except when I click the 'Test Account Settings' button in Outlook.

weird isn't it?


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