Outlook Stationery Problem

  Legslip 17:05 19 Dec 2004

I have downloaded Xmas stationery from a few sites and they look very nice in the preview image but when I use any of them in Outlook they come out on the page as a tiled image.
Any solutions?

  rotormota 17:09 19 Dec 2004

In stationery set up wizard there is an option not to tile etc..

  Legslip 19:18 19 Dec 2004

Thanks rotormota but can you tell me how to do this?

  Hamish 19:36 19 Dec 2004

In Outlook Express, click on Message, then Message Using, Then Slect Stationery. In next box click Create New, then next, browse for the picture you wish to use. In that same box tick picture and you will see the box giving you the option to tile or not Hope that helps

  Hamish 19:39 19 Dec 2004

I should have said that the pictures that you downloaded save them in My Pictures or another file in order to find them when setting up the stationery in outlook express

  Legslip 19:56 19 Dec 2004

Sorry guys but NOT using Outlook Express. I am an Outlook 2002 user. Can you still help?

  Hamish 20:35 19 Dec 2004

Sorry. I have never tried to set up stationery in outlook

  VoG II 20:55 19 Dec 2004

Which version of Outlook?

  Legslip 21:02 19 Dec 2004

Outlook 2002!

  Hamish 21:07 19 Dec 2004

Try setting up your selected stationery in Outlook express. Then in outlook (my version) click on inbox, action and message using whatever. Must be an easier way and someone will no doubt tell you. Cheers

  VoG II 21:08 19 Dec 2004

From the Help in Outlook 2003 - it should be similar in 2002.

From the main Outlook window, on the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Mail Format tab.

In the Compose in this message format list, click HTML.

Click Stationery Picker.

In the Stationery box, click the stationery you want to change, and then click Edit.

Select the options you want to use.

Note This procedure is available only if you use HTML as your message format.

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