Outlook £ Sign

  rawprawn 16:26 15 Nov 2005

If I try and type £ sign in outlook (Notes or Email)it is cming out as a T with a small sqiggle under it. I have tried to copy the T here but it reverts back to £. Can someone point me in the right direction.

  rawprawn 16:30 15 Nov 2005

I should add I mean the space for Notes in an appointment, It comes out OK on the "Yellow Notes"

  DieSse 16:47 15 Nov 2005

Try using Alt + 0163 instead - what does that do?

  rawprawn 16:52 15 Nov 2005

It produces the same strange T. If I type £ in the address box or cc or Subject box it's OK.

  DieSse 17:03 15 Nov 2005

Sorry - but can't create this condition (Outlook 2000 here).

It must be a character set or encoding thingy.

Have a look in you mail creation options and see how they're set.

  DieSse 17:04 15 Nov 2005

T is this what you mean?

  DieSse 17:05 15 Nov 2005

Ah - sorry - the squiggle doesn't come out on PCA. I suspected it might not!

  rawprawn 17:15 15 Nov 2005

I have looked in all the Options but I can't find any reason for this problem. Even in "Auto Correct" US/Eng there is no reference to the £ sign

  rawprawn 17:17 15 Nov 2005

The strange T has a sort of very small s (but not quite)underneath it

  Klof Ron 17:21 15 Nov 2005

Is your default language set to Enlish UK?

  rawprawn 17:21 15 Nov 2005

I am using Office Pro which shows Outlook 2002 SP3. I am sure this is a recent occurrence, but to the best of my knowledge iI have changed nothing.I only found out when I wanted to note the cost of 2 new tyres.

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