Outlook set up & also Tiscali issues

  bear73 16:47 11 Jan 2011


I was hoping someone could help me wiht my outlook settings. I have a tiscali email account which I access via Microsoft Outlook 2003. I used to only use this on my desktop but then we got a netbook and I successfully managed to set it up so I can see my emails on there via Outlook too.

At the weekend I did a restore on my desktop and installed W7. All is fine and I managed to set up my Outlook again but when I go on to the netbook it does not seem to be downloading all the messages like it used to. If I had read a message on the desktop they would still load in the netbooks inbox as unread - even if I had read them on the desktop. I deleted an email from the desktop on Sunday and now realise I need it. I went into the laptop and there were only messages up to Saturday (just before I did the restore). Obviously when reinstalling on the desktop I did not quite set up the settings as they were before. Can someone kindly give me some things to check so I know I have my settings right.

While I am in outlook on the netbook it does receive emails that I have not looked at on the desktop yet but if I read them or delete them on the desktop before opening outlook on the netbook they aren't there on the netbook.

I also went to talktalks website to access my webmail directly as I know all the messages stay stored on there but it was totally empty, even all my folders I had created a while back. Not a single email. I have emailed talktalk about that as they have been messing about recently moving old tiscali customers on to their servers but they say that the webmail works the same and should keep all previous messages. I never go in to webmail so never delete stuff from the server there. I have been in in the past and all my messages from ages ago are usually all there.

I am fed up with talktalk and may well get rid of this email account and stick to gmail. Is the security ok on gmail to use as a main email account, would you recommend any others?

I also keep getting a network authentication password box pop up on the pc and netbook everytime i access my tiscali mailbox from my phone. The save this password box is checked in settings but it does it everytime I access from my phone. I have to say ok and then the box pops up again and again until eventually it is able to send/receive again. I have re-created my outlook account and changed my password in tiscali but nothing has helped resolve that issue. Sorry for the ramble but am having a rubbish day as the email i deleted was fraudulent and money has been taken from my account and I need the email back to prove to Amazon there is something dodgy going on.


  onthelimit 17:00 11 Jan 2011

Not sure about all your problems, but to access emails from both computers, you need to ‘leave messages on server’

Outlook – Tools, Options, Mail setup, email accounts, Change, More Settings, Advanced then tick the box.

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