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Outlook sends emails to deleted folder.

  pcadvice 15:54 14 Feb 2020

I have Outlook on mobile & tablet & PC. Recently I find numerous emails in Deleted folder. I am not aware I have made this happen ? How can I stop emails going to deleted. I want them in the Inbox.Thanks.

  MPN1A 18:40 14 Feb 2020

Just happened to me, too.

  pcadvice 09:52 15 Feb 2020

I have Googled this issue & find a number of answers, none of which work. Anyone have any suggestions please ?

  difarn 18:35 18 Feb 2020

Not knowing what you have already tried makes it a bit difficult to respond. The most obvious things are that you haven't clicked ignore on the top of e-mails and that you haven't set any rules that are sending them direct to your inbox.

  pcadvice 14:36 19 Feb 2020

Thanks for this difarn, I have checked my inbox & emails.The only options I can find are ; archive , delete , move , set flag , clear flag , mark as read / unread , reply , reply all , forward , archive , mark as spam , previous , next , find ,save as ,zoom , print.Please can you elighten me on how I check any instructions / rules that I have entered wrongly ? Thank you for your help.

  difarn 14:41 19 Feb 2020

I hope this article will give you what you need.

click here

  pcadvice 17:10 19 Feb 2020

Thanks difarn but I must have something wrong. When I right click on a message the list of options is ; archive , delete , move , set flag , mark as unread , mark as spam , move to other , always move to other. The is no option to set a rule.Any further thoughts Please ?

  difarn 20:28 19 Feb 2020

Which version of Outlook do you have?

  difarn 20:31 19 Feb 2020

Just a though, have you tried

Options > Mail > Automatic processing > Inbox and sweep rules

  pcadvice 09:25 20 Feb 2020

Thanks difarn, I have checked everywhere, settings etc & I do not have an options or file to click on. I am using W.10 professional & the Outlook mail shows as ; Version 16005.12430.20136. Thank you for your help, any further thoughts Please ?

  difarn 13:25 20 Feb 2020

Can I suggest that you see if there are any updates available?

click here

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