Lemur 16:56 21 Nov 2014

This seems to be stopping me from sending emails in OUTLOOK. Please help. THANKS


Q1. How did the forum know that I was having this problem before I even asked it?

Q2. a) I keep getting a box asking me for my Internet E-mail user name and password for my server. Do not know the answer to this and I am not given any means to reset these. b) I also keep getting "send/receive error". c) I have a message in my outbox which refuses to go.

Q3. Sadly this forum does not give me an option to search for a previously solved problem of this kind, which is why I am treating it as a new subject!!

I also got a couple of error message codes, which I am unable to find again.

I have W7. Outlook. ISP is Talk Talk but my email address is btinternet ,which I am using through the BT Premium service. This has worked well for a long time but...

Sorry, not a good day for me. Unfortunately, I have ignored my usual mantra of - when in a hole, stop digging, but have now hit solid rock.

Thanks for looking B.

  wee eddie 18:02 21 Nov 2014

I am have been getting the same problem for the last 48 hours.

My ISP is BT, so l paid them a visit. No luck but it seems to be clear now.

  Bris 18:10 21 Nov 2014

The usual reason for this is your ISPs email server is offline although they will rarely admit to this.

As wee eddie mentioned the problem eventually goes away when they sort the problem out.

  Lemur 18:23 21 Nov 2014

Many thanks both. I seem to be OK now??? - by managing to reset my password, and have now received numerous new emails. Sadly can't stop the dreaded Password request box popping up every minute or two. May have to park it in a corner somewhere or keep digging?? Glad I asked you and thanks again. B.

  Lemur 18:48 21 Nov 2014

Have just remembered the BT status update line which gave honourable mention of the problem! If it helps the number is 080016901991.B.

  Pine Man 18:52 21 Nov 2014

The same problem occured with Sky which appears to be related to Yahoo who provide the service to a number of ISPs.

  bpzoom 01:05 22 Nov 2014

Using Outlook 2010 I have not received my BT Yahoo emails all day and assumed I was also a victim of a "major problem" allegedly a cut cable somewhere. When I rang BT they advised me that as I admitted I could still receive and send BT yahoo emails using the webmail I was not affected by the major problem referred to. BT advised me my problem was using Microsoft Outlook which is no longer supported by BT. I was advised to wait until "everyone has been moved from BT Yahoo to BTmail" and until then only use the webmail service. Has anyone else been told that Microsoft Outlook no longer works with BT mail?

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