Outlook - Same address, different computers

  Fateful Shadow 13:43 25 Jul 2003

I have two computers now with the same e-mail address, and they're bothing using Outlook Express (ver. 5 on WinME, ver. 6 in WinXP). When I log onto my ME computer and go to outlook, there are all the messages on there that have been read. When I log onto my XP computer, the messages aren't there.

Does anybody know a way in which I can show the same messages (read and unread) on both computers?

Thanks again

  PA28 13:49 25 Jul 2003

Yes, this can be a pain in the ***. My daughter sometimes uses my laptop and goes into Outlook, downloading emails that I was expecting which consequently never turn up on my desktop. Can be embarrassing!

I sorted it by opening an account with my ISP (Freeserve in this case) so that I can get my email whilst still leaving in on the main server. Therefore it's accessible from either machine. But as soon as you download into Outlook, I think that's it - it lives where it's been downloaded to, and the only way that you can get it on another machine at that stage is the hard way - copying the files yourself.

Unless someone knows better.....

  24seven 13:53 25 Jul 2003

In OE set it to leave the messages on the server of your ISP after reading. Because you 'download' them when receiving the messages they are stored (at the moment)on the PC that you accessed them with.

I can't tell you how to do this at the mo' as I'm at work (lunchtime0 and using Outlook (I use OE6 at home)

  Forum Editor 13:54 25 Jul 2003

is that when you download the email on one machine that's it - you've downloaded it, and it's no longer on the server.

If you want your messages left on the server, so that you can download them again on another machine you can do it, but you must tell Outlook Express what to do.

Go to Tools/accounts and select the mail tab. Then select the mail account that you're interested in and click the 'propeties button on the right.

Now select the advanced tab and at the bottom of the dialogue box you'll see the option to 'leave messages on the server'. select this option and set the number of days that you want the messages to stay there.

You can do this on both machines or, if you habitually download using the machines in the same order you can leave the second machine alone. This would mean that the messages will automatically be deleted from the server once the second machine has downloaded them.

Be careful about leaving messages on the server for too long. If you get lots of mail the mailbox may become full (all POP3 boxes have a predetermined size limit), and then email will be bounced back to the originators.

  HighTower 13:59 25 Jul 2003

Burrotech have written an inexpensive piece of software (around £35, or free if you don't mind a strapline on your emails) called office mail. If you can network your two pc's together through ethernet you can use office mail to send email to different users, or forward the same email to both users. The program dials in, retrieves mail and sends it to the relevent person / people.

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