Outlook Rules not working with Hotmail

  Onizuka 16:13 14 Jun 2010

I have several email accounts for different purposes (two gmail, three blueyonder and a Hotmail account) and access all of them through Outlook 2007. I have created rules in Outlook so that incoming emails are moved to the appropriate mail folders that I have set up for each account. However, although emails addressed to the gmail and blueyonder accounts move to the correct folders as desired, nothing happens with Hotmail. I can neither create a copy of the email in the specified folder or move the original incoming message to it.

Can anyone tell me why please?

  Onizuka 11:22 20 Jun 2010

Is there nobody out there who knows how to make an Outlook Rule work for Hotmail?

  northumbria61 12:12 20 Jun 2010

Hi Onizuka - I don't use Outlook but you may find something here to help you.

click here

  Onizuka 15:36 20 Jun 2010


Thanks for this. It was interesting but did not help in this case. I have already configured Outlook to pick up and send Hotmail emails without having to log on to the Hotmail website itself. What I am unable to do is move emails, by means of a Rule, from the Hotmail Inbox within the Outlook Personal Folders to another folder.

  Woolwell 17:36 20 Jun 2010

I don't use hotmail so I'm guessing to a certain extent. The 2 gmail and 3 blueyonder e-mail accounts probably all come into the same inbox originally before your message rules move them to the right mail folders. Can you confirm that these folders are listed directly under the inbox? I suspect that hotmail comes into a totally separate folder like this click here. If that is the case I think that it could be difficult to work with Hotmail.

  Onizuka 15:02 23 Jun 2010


Your guess was spot-on. I can confirm that the gmail and blueyonder folders are sub-folders within the inbox, and also that the hotmail folders (deleted, draft, inbox, junk, etc) are in a separate hotmail folder way down the list of all the other folders. When I followed your link to Tech Support Guy I found that the situation described by gibbs1984 in his query in Oct 2008 was exactly the same as mine but, unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be a facility on that site for marking a question as resolved and it's not clear if the problem was ever solved. If it was I couldn't work out how.

I continued searching for answers and came across one suggestion that the rules should be deleted and re-created. I tried that and, much to my surprise, found that on running the rule a copy of the hotmail email was created in the in-box and then moved to the hotmail sub-folder that I had created within the in-box. Success, I thought.

Sadly no. I then created further rules to move gmail and blueyonder emails from the in-box to the relevant sub-folders within the in-box and they all worked perfectly as before. However, after that first success nothing happened to a hotmail email; it wouldn’t even appear as a copy in the in-box, let alone move the copy to the sub-folder.

I’ve noticed something which may or may not be relevant and perhaps someone can explain it. If you click on Tools>Rules and Alerts the rules are listed in a dialogue box. Under the heading Actions there is an icon next to each Rule. The icon next to the hotmail rule does not line up under the other icons for the blueyonder and gmail rules but is a little to the right.

Obviously I can’t mark this subject as Resolved although I’m sure that somewhere out there someone has the answer but hasn’t seen this forum.

  Woolwell 17:13 23 Jun 2010

This is a bit of a long shot - highlight the hotmail inbox and then create a rule. You could also try creating a rule from a message in the hotmail folder.

However I am not really sure what you are trying to achieve. You have pop gmail and blueyonder e-mails which come into the main inbox and are then sorted into relevant folders so that, I surmise you can easily, tell one account from another. But surely hotmail is already going into a separate folder.

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