Outlook replaced by search bar

  slow learner 14:44 20 Nov 2005

Having downloaded some critical updates from the windows updtae site I have subsequently discovered that Outlook (or at least the majority of the window where all the emails etc are normally seen) has been replaced by a search bar. Any ideas how to get my Outlook back?

  ana_girl 13:40 22 Nov 2005

when was the last time u saw ur outlook properly? what operating system are u using?

  slow learner 14:51 25 Nov 2005

I'm using windows 98 and last saw outlook properly having reinstalled zonealarm. I thought about system restore because of this, but according to help system restore is part of backup and was not loaded - it is now! I thought about reinstalling outlook but can't find it on the disc and am concerned it will wipe all previous and current email if I do.

  Skyver 15:46 25 Nov 2005

Under the View menu there are a number of options to turn different panes and bars on and off, you may need to experiment and see if any have been switched off by the updates. OutlookBar is the left hand `outlook shortcuts` pane, Folder Pane is the list of folders like Outlook Express (inbox, outbox, sent, etc) Preview is the lower window - if they are still active they may have been reduced to their minimum size and just need clicking and dragging to expand them.

  slow learner 13:24 30 Nov 2005

Well, I was either brave or stupid and reinstalled W98 before the last piece of advice and eurika I'm sorted as far as Outlook is concerned. Not only did I reinstall W98, but as a result had to reinstall 15 plus critical windows updates. But the result was everything back as it was! However, when I now try to use backup under system tools I get so far and then am asked to "please specify the new path to the file". What should I do? Should I be backing up to my c drive or using my e drive (dvd writer) and if so what should be entered?

  Skyver 21:25 30 Nov 2005

Select C - it will write a file with the extension *.bkf (if I recall correctly - and I'm assuming you are talking about Microsoft Backup) - you can then burn that file to CD or DVD.

  slow learner 23:00 07 Dec 2005

Many thanks to all.

  slow learner 10:52 14 Jan 2006

Thanks again all

  conjondi 17:14 15 Jan 2006

Can you tell me how I get back to using Oulook as my default email etc having just signed up to AOL

  slow learner 17:41 15 Jan 2006

You'll need to resend this under a new thred if this does not work as this thred was about Outlook being replaced by a searchbar not AOL, but try going into internet properties (this sorts the mail as well as internet connection rules). Under programmes choose your email from a drop down list. Hopefully Outlook is there and you can Apply then OK and it may sort it, but as my name suggests I am but a novice getting more help than I give more often than not. Best of luck.

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