Outlook queries

  MIKE. 11:47 10 May 2010

My friend is looking for a programme, when he uses Outlook it will automatically make the Font large. But when sending the font it will automatically changes to a standard size. Does any one know if a programme exists.

  Audio~~Chip 11:54 10 May 2010

If you go into the Outlook Express options un the Tools menu then click on the compose Tab you can select you own Fonts there!

  Woolwell 12:13 10 May 2010

What version of Outlook?

It may be worthwhile investigating the use of Zoom. You can zoom using ctrl and scroll wheel of the mouse in the body of e-mail messages, etc to enlarge and this doesn't affect the text size sent.

  MIKE. 15:45 17 May 2010

Many thanks Audio~~Chip & Woolwell I had to go away for a short time and did not have a chance to say thank you.Woolwell your idea seemed to work for my friend, again thanks to you both.

  Woolwell 15:47 17 May 2010

Glad that worked.

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