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  [DELETED] 11:37 26 Jun 2006

Hi. We have 4 user accounts on our windows XP. We had problems with error messages when logging onto the Internet (broadband) so under advice removed Incredimail. Error messgaes now stopped, and everything okay on my main account but when you log into the Internet on one of the other accounts and try to access emails you get a login message asking for a password. The message mentions something about a pop server and gives the user name in a box. Can anyone please help? Many thanks

  [DELETED] 11:52 26 Jun 2006

Which ISP are you with?

Is this Outlook Express or if not which version of Outlook?

  [DELETED] 12:33 26 Jun 2006

Was Freeserve, then to Wanadoo, now Orange as ISP.
I'm running Outlook Express 6.
Is there any way of making sure that all emails are accessible in all inboxes? At the moment, if my son sends an email and gets a reply, no one else can see it other than accessing his account.

  anskyber 12:38 26 Jun 2006

For multiple PCs and addresses with one mailbox click here

  anskyber 12:39 26 Jun 2006

See the bit saying "delivering e-mail to the correct user"

  [DELETED] 13:14 26 Jun 2006

Setting up Outlook Express for Orange click here

  [DELETED] 19:42 26 Jun 2006

I've checked the links but they say how to stop being able to see each others emails not to see them, which is what I want. Also, am still getting thrown off internet on sons account when opening outlook. Any further ideas/help would be appreciated

  [DELETED] 20:19 26 Jun 2006

I'm not sure whether you have the account set up correctly or not. Did you follow the link that I gave?

If you mean that Outlook Express is forgetting your password click here

  [DELETED] 20:45 26 Jun 2006

I followed the link for Outlook Express for Orange but it only tells how to stop seeing others emails. I've checked the link about Outlook forgetting the password, but don't know if this is the problem as it hasn't affected my account and the same fixes etc have been applied to all accounts. I'm not very it literate so am cautious about removing some things cos if I'm wrong I wouldn't know how to refix

  [DELETED] 21:00 26 Jun 2006

Sorry my click here @ 13:14 doesn't go anywhere:

checking mail profile 'general' settings
Article ID: kb4472
checking mail profile 'general' settings

mail account options

mail account:

the 'mail account name' by default for an Orange email address is pop.orangehome.co.uk. This can be changed to a more easily recognised name if you prefer. The 'Mail account name' field is a personalised field which will not affect Orange settings
user Information


check that the name entered is the name you want sent email to display. This is normally either your first name or your full name. ie Paul Smith. The 'user information name' field is a personalised field which will not affect Orange settings.

this field is normally left blank. However you can enter a company name if so required. The 'user information organization' field is a personalised field which will not affect Orange settings.
email address:

this should be your full Orange email address. Which should not include the @fs of your Orange username
reply address:

this field is normally left blank. However you can enter an alternative email address if you prefer email replies to be forwarded to different email address.
include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing:

make sure that a tick is present in this option. If no tick is present you will not receive emails.

Now click on Servers tab

This will then take you to the mail 'servers' window.

To check the mail profile 'servers' settings follow the link below:

  [DELETED] 21:01 26 Jun 2006

checking mail profile 'servers' settings
Article ID: kb4473
checking mail profile 'servers' settings

Server information:

my incoming mail server is a: (POP3) server

check that field contains POP3
incoming mail (POP3):

check that field contains pop.orangehome.co.uk and that it is entered in lower case
outgoing mail (SMTP):

check that field contains smtp.orangehome.co.uk and that it is entered in lower case

Incoming mail server:

account name:

this field should be your Orange user name excluding the @fs which is only for connecting to the broadband Internet. Ensure the user name is entered all in lower case.

this field should be your Orange password. The password is case sensitive and must be entered correctly using CAPITALS and lowercase where appropriate.
Please note: Windows XP encrypts the password length for security purposes, which may make it appear longer than your actual password.

remember password:

this field should include a tick, if you wish windows to remember your password
Log on using secure password authentication:
This field should contain no tick, remove tick if present
Outgoing mail server:

my server requires authentication:

this field should contain no tick, remove tick if present

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