Outlook and Outlook Express

  MIKE. 20:22 26 Jun 2006

My neighbour uses both Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. Just out of the blue he complained he could not send or receive messages in Outlook. I looked at his set up and found his pop and smpt settings were all wrong. I re set his incoming and out going server pop/smtp and all started working. A day later it all reverted back to a faulty settings. Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be the problem all advice well received.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:25 26 Jun 2006

What security software is he using? Could be an AV / AntiSpam program.

  MIKE. 20:29 26 Jun 2006

Hi Diodorus Siculus He is using AVG, Spybot,adaware also xp SP2 firewall

  Jackcoms 20:31 26 Jun 2006

"My neighbour uses both Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express."

So, which is his default e-mail client?

Or is he using two? If so, why?

  MIKE. 20:37 26 Jun 2006

Good question Jackcoms seems to to be superfluous but you know there's nout so queer as folk if its therethey want to use it. He is with NTL when he rang them about the problem, they informed him they do not recomend using Outlook only Outlook Express can't see why though.

  VoG II 20:37 26 Jun 2006

I use both OE and Outlook for different e-mail accounts with (for me) good reason, and there is no problem in doing that.

Does he receive an error message. There is a known issue where Outlook won't work when OE is not configured correctly but I can't immediately find the solution to it. Does he receive an error message?

  MIKE. 20:40 26 Jun 2006

Not sure on that one VoG™ I am going round tomorrow evening to attempt repares.I will see what error message comes up if any.

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