Outlook not starting with Windows

  musicmike 08:47 13 Sep 2005

I am running XP with Office XP.

I have put a shortcut to Outlook in my start menu but it doesn't start on reboot.

Any ideas?

  Jackcoms 08:59 13 Sep 2005

Try deleting the existing shortcut (it may have become corrupted) and creating a new one.

Place it in C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

  musicmike 09:32 13 Sep 2005

The shortcut is OK as it works if I double click in the folder and it is in the location suggested.

This has never worked.

  wee eddie 10:22 13 Sep 2005

You don't want any more programs opening on Start-up than is necessary.

Get to live with the bother of that double click when you need Outlook.

  musicmike 10:58 13 Sep 2005

The reason I want it to open on start up is that I have appointments with reminders (you need that when you get to my age) so I have it running all the time but often forget to open it.

  wee eddie 12:55 13 Sep 2005

I'm 60 on Sunday and am looked upon as a youngster by some around here.

I have removed the Office Tool-bar and Outlook from my start-ups and that reduced the waiting by about 30%.

  musicmike 14:01 13 Sep 2005

We seem to have lost the point of my original question.

I actually want outlook in my start-ups. It is there but itwont start up!

  VoG II 14:31 13 Sep 2005

Try HideOutlook click here

I'm pretty sure it has an option to launch Outlook on startup.

  rawprawn 15:50 13 Sep 2005

Have you tried "Detect & Repair" under the Help Tab?

  Jackcoms 20:14 13 Sep 2005

OK, the shortcut works and it's in the correct location.

Have you used msconfig and checked that Outlook is ticked under the Startup tab?

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