outlook and news groups

  Blue screen of death666 15:39 06 Dec 2003

I have outlook exp6 on my PC and subscribe to virgin news groups...I want to try outlook200.

can i still subscribe to the news groups..and if so how do i go about configuring it??

  Diodorus Siculus 16:53 06 Dec 2003

You will need a news reader, such as FreeAgent - I don't think that Outlook it self will read news (but I may be wrong - I only use it as a PIM, not a mailer). click here for a selection (including FreeAgent).

  hellred 17:37 06 Dec 2003

In IE you click tools and select mail and news/ read news.
You may need to subscribe but if you choose to use Outlook as the default mail program all settings will be there. It will ask to import the settings from the other program you have been using.

I hope you meant instal Outlook 2000.

  VoG II 17:42 06 Dec 2003

In Outlook 2000/2002 you use Go/News to access Newsgroups. Outlook then Opens Outlook Express for you!

In Outlook 2003 you have to first add News to the Go menu. If you type newsgroups into the Help box it will tell you how to do this.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:45 06 Dec 2003

Well, there you go... something else I never knew. :-}

  Blue screen of death666 18:58 06 Dec 2003

Thanks all....new to this...how do I set outlook2000 to be my default for mail and not outlook 6....cheers..

  VoG II 19:01 06 Dec 2003

Go into Internet Explorer, Tools/Network Options, Programs tab and select Outlook from the drop-down list.

  Blue screen of death666 19:12 06 Dec 2003

Thanks to all....very helpful..cheers!!

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