alt 08:42 25 Apr 2003

Hi, I received a lot of help from people on the forum yesterday regarding networking my 2 comps. It is all done now except I dont know how to sort out Outlook. I have now put Oulook onto the 2nd. computer which is running 98se. but when I press send/receive it downloades all the e-mails alright, (the same happens with the host xp machine). But they dont download to both, in other works I am getting some on the xp machine and some on the 98se machine but I need them to download onto both machines at the same time, or if this is not possible then how can I carry across e-mails from the host to the client....as I would any other files..Thanks Val

  The PC Doctor 10:10 25 Apr 2003

The idea behind Outlook is that it will download your E-Mails from the server. Each time you use it the mail is transfered from the server to which ever PC you are using Outlook on at the time.

I have never tried it but you could use the 'leave copy on server' facility.

Run up Outlook and go to the Menu Bar.

Select Tools & Accounts.

Once you have your mail accounts on display highlight the one you want to change and press the properties button.

Go to the Advanced tab and down at the bottom you should see the option 'Leave a copy on the server' - put a tick in and press OK.

I don't know if this will work but it's worth trying.

  smcarlsen 10:15 25 Apr 2003

It sounds like you need a dedicated mail server that would store your emails centrally. When you logon from either of your pc's you would be able to access your emails, any deletions/updates etc would occur on the server and regardless of what machine you are logged on, would show up correctly in Outlook. This solution is only viable in a business environment and not really suitable for home use, owing to cost, administration and the knowledge on how to set it up.
Your present situation could get a bit messy, leaving you with emails on different machines.
If you are running XP Pro. you will have the ability to connect to your XP desktop from your 98 machine, you could then access your emails that way. If you need any info on how to do that, let me know.

  smcarlsen 10:18 25 Apr 2003

The only problem I forsee with leaving a copy on the mailserver is, that your mailserver inbox will retain a copy of all the emails it receives until you manually delete them. This could get confusing, and depending on how many emails you get, could fill your mailserver inbox up causing undeliverables. Just a thought.

  alt 11:22 25 Apr 2003

Thanks everyone for your advice but I think I had better leave this one alone. I am not using XP pro. just XP home, I thought that it would be as easy to do as putting folders into the sharing folders for the network but I can see it's a totally differant ball game.......Thanks Anyway alt.....

  alt 11:25 25 Apr 2003

Oh just one more thing though, since I have networked the PCs. All my e-mails are coming in twice or even three times together, I mean the same e-mail appears twice or even three times on every e-mail that I get. Any idea what could be causing this?.....as I am getting sick of dealeting all the doubles and trebles....

  The PC Doctor 11:41 25 Apr 2003

Yes - that's a problem with Outlook not sending the mail recieved command to the mail server - the only solution would be to re-install Outlook.

You don't say which version of Outlook you are using but if it's not v6 I would recommend downloading it from Microsoft.

It comes along with the IE6 package.

Your other option would be to live with it for now and see if it settles down (It sometimes does)

  alt 13:04 25 Apr 2003

Hi Doc. I am using Outlook not outlook express, any difference with your answer?....

  alt 13:05 25 Apr 2003


  The PC Doctor 13:41 25 Apr 2003

Probably not, the principle is the same.

Any pop3 mail program will download the Email then tell the server that the download is complete and the mail can then be deleted.

All that is happening is the the server isn't getting the download completed message so doesn't delete the mail message. Your pop3 program then checks again for any mail and downloads any remaining mail messages left on the server. It just doesn't know (or care probably!) that it's just downloaded the same Email it just goes ahead and does it.

It may not be your Outlook that's doing it. It could be the Mail server at the other end. If could be just a bad Internet connection.

I would suggest you leave well alone for now to see if the problem clears up by itself. If it doesn't after a few days/weeks then think about a re-installation.

Outlook I do believe is part of the MS Office suite if that's the case you have a repair/re-install option available (pretty painless)

  alt 18:34 25 Apr 2003

Thanks Doc......alt

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