Outlook messing me around

  yattonharry 12:59 20 Mar 2005

Hi there,
Can someone advise me please? Outlook [not OE] is messing around and when I open it, it will not allow me to open any of the folders - it just hangs. I tried Detect and Repair, but I couldn't click on it to start this up.
Three days ago, I ran a complete defrag and scan disk also CCleaner and the PC ran like a charm after that - but now this!!

Help please.....!! ;-((

  Technotiger 13:11 20 Mar 2005

Hi, hope this helps -

click here


  stalion 13:30 20 Mar 2005

have you tried system restore

  VoG II 13:44 20 Mar 2005
  yattonharry 14:49 20 Mar 2005

Many thanks for those links. I am looking at these now and carrying out instructions. I closed down the PC whilst I had lunch. I have now rebooted and find that everything is tiny. All icons, text, everything. So what is wrong here now please? Can this be part of the trouble?

  Technotiger 14:55 20 Mar 2005

Hi, everything tiny? - maybe your screen resolution has change - right-click on desktop, then go to Properties>Settings to check, alter if necessary.


  yattonharry 15:15 20 Mar 2005

maybe your screen resolution has change

I did that and it says it is set at 1024 x 768 pixels. It is set at stretch.

If I change this setting it is either too large and the background is far far too big, or the whole thing is far too small.

I would guess I am working with an 8point font at present. Rebooting desn't do a thing.

Very fed up!!

  yattonharry 15:16 20 Mar 2005

should have added - that the screen has a 'margin' surrounding it, which suggests that it is not set correctly.

  Technotiger 16:55 20 Mar 2005

You should be able to re-size the screen to get rid of margin by using controls on your monitor.

Resolution looks ok, though my own is 1280x1024, though this may depend on your monitor's capabilities.

To increase size of font right-click on desktop then go to Properties>Appearance and you will see near the bottom FontSize, this has three settings Normal/Large/Small click on Apply then see if that is any better.


  Technotiger 16:58 20 Mar 2005

or to make your font clearer you could try this -

click here

  yattonharry 08:16 21 Mar 2005

stalion - How do you get System Restore on Windows 98 please? I have looked at Help but cannot see a relevant item there.

Down to a 6point now - cannot get it back as it was at all. Done loads of things to try to improve it though.

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