Outlook Message Rules

  Terry Brown 18:00 31 Mar 2003

I am receiving junk mail that is addressed to multiple persons,The only common link that I can see is the first 3 letters are the same for all recepients.Is there a way to set message rules so that I can only receive messages addressed to selected names, and the rest are deleted.

  MAJ 19:52 31 Mar 2003

I don't use Outlook, Terry Brown, but this might help. click here

  Alan2 21:08 31 Mar 2003

I presume there is something common in these junk messages like your name in the subject box or a common subject or standard phrases in the body.

If so it should be possible to set up a rule by "starting from a blank rule" --> Check all messages when they arrive --> With specific words in the [subject][body] --> Action then is to delete it.

Good luck.


  Terry Brown 20:00 12 Apr 2003

Thanks to everbody for your help, sorry I have not had a chance toget back before now.

  Steinman 20:19 12 Apr 2003

What about the domain that sent it? You didnt make clear if thats the same.

Can do a rule to block/delete specific domain.

  daba 23:44 12 Apr 2003

In the words of The King, when setting up your rule "return to sender" - three times at least !

  daba 23:26 14 Jun 2003

I retract my last post.

That will only clog up the internet with unnecessary traffic.

PS. I am now also resisting the temptation to 'forward' funnies etc I receive at work (dozens of 'em !). My theory is they will get it anyway from another source - and if they don't, well what the hell, it must make me better than him (lol). At least I can say "heard that one before", when they send it to me !!!

  wee eddie 07:30 15 Jun 2003

Is the worst possible solution as it only confirms that you exist.

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