Outlook mail will not deliver to iPad app.

  hawthorn59 14:15 02 Dec 2015

Hi Folks

As well as Windows Mail I also use Outlook, mainly for emailing myself reminders to my iPad or documents I need to put onto iPad. Lately the emails will not deliver to my Ipad or iPhone, at least not for a long time, if at all. Just now I sent one which has actually arrived on the Outlook web mail site, but as yet not to the iPhone or iPad.

Is this an Outlook problem or an App problem can anyone tell me?

And if its an outlook problem can you recommend a better programme than Outlook?

OK I'v tried something else; I can log onto Outlook in Safari on the iPad and my message is there. It just hasnt delivered to the Mail App. But its more awkward to do it on Safari so the app would be better if it was working.

thanks folks


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