Outlook 'lock up'

  furkin 13:38 10 Apr 2004

Hi all,
I have just started to get a problem with OUTLOOK. A few weeks ago, I started to sometimes get a 'lock-up' when i pressed F7. I started to use the dropdown menu in Tools for a while,,, but the problem is getting slowly worse.
It now occures, again sometimes, but getting worse, when I click Tools,,, Send/receive,,, or even on a file in the In/outbox etc
My Office version seems to be OEM as supplied by ACER 4 months ago (we all know that ACER dosn't have a great reputation with Customer Care !!).
I am running XP Home with 768 Mb RAM on AMD Athlon 2400+ with S.P 1.
can anyone help please ?
thanks to all readers

  hugh-265156 14:27 10 Apr 2004

i dont use outlook,what does F7 do? spellcheck?

any errors displayed?

have a look in start/control panel/administrative tools/event viewer and click the system and application tabs and look for any errors listed here.may help a bit.

  furkin 15:36 10 Apr 2004

thanks Huggy,
Yep F7 is for speell check. That's where my problem 'seemed' to start, but now occurs when pressing most things in Outlook.
I checked the Event Viewer thanks. I have dozens of "WARNING" - 'Event System' & a few 'MS Fax' but more worrying I have dozens of "ERROR" - 'Application Hang' & M.S Office 10'. Does this help me to trace the problem please ?
I carried out a sfc scan & detect'n'repair,,, but to no avail - it still happens.
Any other ideas please ?
thanks again.

  hugh-265156 15:42 10 Apr 2004

click on the errors and some may give you a link to ms for more info or even a fix.

re:outlook problem,see if its listed as an error and click any relating to it.look at the dates and times of errors may help you to trace it.

  hugh-265156 15:43 10 Apr 2004

is windows all up to date? click here

  furkin 10:39 11 Apr 2004

huggy, thanks again. I have looked in Event Viewer again,,, & tried to follow most of the links. Most of them come up with 'No Results' which is a bit frustrating when there is a specific link etc.
I have been on to MS who say that my product is probably out of date (for support !!!) which is Outlook 2002 that came with the machine just after Christmas 2003 !
Sorry to ask again (or any other readers)any more advice please ?
thanks for taking the time to read this & reply.

  furkin 10:40 11 Apr 2004

Windows is up to date,,, or as far as items that I need/critical etc

  hugh-265156 13:24 11 Apr 2004

as above,i have no idea sorry.

click here are just a few results for "outlook hangs" try typing errors etc into the search for box to get more hits.

do you carry out basic maintenance tasks like defrag,cleanup etc.how is the rest of the computer running? are your drivers etc up to date?

  furkin 14:17 11 Apr 2004

Huggy, thanks for your help.
1/ I have looked at this site a couple of times,,, but nothing seems to apply to my problem. I have looked at some of the others, just in case the same 'fix' might help,,, but not so far.
2/ Yes, i do keep things clean. I defrag often,,, I update Norton often,,, look for Windows up dates,,, remove temp files etc etc.
thanks again for trying to help.
Happy Easter

  VoG II 14:20 11 Apr 2004

You could try a search at click here as well.

  furkin 09:23 12 Apr 2004

just a quickie,,,, it might just be a coincidence, but for the past few weeks (about as long as i've had this problem) when i click to open Outlook,,,, I 'sometimes' get the old Dial-Up pop-up box, that I associated with Outlook Express ! (am a just being paranoid ?)
I have never used O.Express on this machine.
I hope that this helps someone to help me. It's beginning to get on my nerves now.
All the best to you all.

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