Outlook keeps trying to send view receipt

  NJ4959 15:57 12 Feb 2008

I am using Outlook 2003, with two e-mail accounts. One can be used to send and receive, whilst the other can receive only (restricted by the ISP). Just before Christmas a friend sent me an e-mail with a request that I send a read receipt. I agreed to this without realising that he had sent the e-mail to the account that cannot send replies. Ever since then Outlook has been trying to send the read receipt several times a day for the last two months. The read receipt does not appear in the outbox, and I cannot find any way of deleting it. Has anyone any ideas?

  anskyber 16:20 12 Feb 2008

You could try changing the tracking set up to never send a receipt. If you havn't deleted the email do so then turn the tracking back on if you choose.

I have mine set to send a read receipt automatically so I do not get requests to send.

  NJ4959 17:11 12 Feb 2008

Thanks for your reply.

I have permanently deleted the e-mail, yet the read receipt still keeps trying to send itself.

  anskyber 17:24 12 Feb 2008

Does this help? click here

  anskyber 17:29 12 Feb 2008

Or perhaps this. click here

  NJ4959 20:05 12 Feb 2008

Thanks for your help. Outlook Spy seems to have got rid of it.

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