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  alex 07:40 16 Feb 2003

I often receive email in the format of a web page,how can I create one like that?I want to be able to send emails like web pages contain animation and flash.

  -pops- 08:01 16 Feb 2003

The easiest way is to send it as an attachment.

Remember that fancy bells and whistles is not the real intention of email, it is to provide a means of quick and easy communication, not a work of art.

Remember also that because of threats of nasties, many people have their system set up to receive emails in plain text in which case all your efforts will be wasted.

Also, even though I may be thought of as an old misery but, if I received an email like you are proposing, it would be straight in the trash can.


  Falkyrn 09:52 16 Feb 2003

In Outlook select Tools from the menu then options and then mail format to select sending mail as html format.

  anchor 16:06 16 Feb 2003

I have Outlook 2000, but I find it very much easier to do in Outlook Express 6.

You start by selecting create mail in html. Then you can add a fancy backgound of your choice, midi file music, animated gifs, pictures or whatever you want.

I only use this format if I want to send to a friend or relative who won`t be annoyed by it, and can receive html e-mails. Special greetings for a birthday, Xmas, etc, are an example.

I am sure you have Outlook Express as it is part of the Windows installation. Don`t forget to set up your web accounts here.

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