Outlook Hotmail deleting emails

  tonyx1302 11:45 17 Jan 2017

I have about 5/6 old emails in my inbox that I cannot delete. They are about one month + old and when I transfer them to trash or and other box they jump back into the inbox again. Any help or thoughts please ? Windows 10 with Outlook Hotmail

  difarn 15:02 17 Jan 2017

I don't have Windows 10 Outlook Mail app but read somewhere that marking them as read before putting them into trash works.

Are there any settings under incoming server that need to be changed to stop this happening?

  difarn 15:07 17 Jan 2017

I just came across this.

click here

  tonyx1302 18:51 17 Jan 2017

Thanks difarn. I tried both posts but didn't find the answer to the problem


  difarn 19:19 17 Jan 2017

I wonder if they are still on the server of your e-mail provider and donwloading again? If so you will need to alter account settings.

This article higlights a similar problem with a solution which may help.

click here

  tonyx1302 10:36 18 Jan 2017

Thank you difarn. Altered the account settings as suggested in your last post...problem sorted and thank you again


  difarn 11:50 18 Jan 2017

You'are welcome - glad it's sorted.

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