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  J B 18:44 12 Apr 2006

This may seem trivial but here goes, I've been trying to get to grips with outlook for the past few days and I have a few questions:

1. My better half cannot get used to Outlook so I reset O/E as default. Can I still continue using Outlook to learn how to use the program?

2. If I am not on line, when I open outlook it does not prompt me to connect, is this normal or do I have to configure it to do so and how?

3. When I type up an e-mail offline ( slow on the keyboard ) the message goes to the outbox, do I then connect and click onto send and recieve as I do in O/E?

4. I have disabled the Auto Archive function within the program, will this cause any hassles?

Thank's for any help on this subject. J.B.

  johnnyrocker 19:44 12 Apr 2006

1. yes
2. yes it does not auto connect
3. yes.
4. cant think of any


  Aargh 19:46 12 Apr 2006

Outlokk is a much larger and more comprehensive program thnan OE and is a bit bewildering when you first use it.

You can carry on with OE and use Outlook when you want - you can choose in Internet Explorer(Tools>Internet Options>Programs) which program you want to use as your default email program at a click of a button.

If you work off line, Outlook will ask you if you want to connect - normal.Send?receive options are in Tools>Options>Mail Setup>Send/Receive settings - You can then configure how, when and how often it checks for new mail etc. It is obviously easier if it is permanently connected when you are on line.

If you create messages offline, yes you have to connect, then it will send depending how you have set it up (as above).

Leave auto archive on, unless you want to have to sort out when your various folders are full - a problem if you send and receive loads of mail.

  Forum Editor 20:25 12 Apr 2006

to set personalised archive parameters - you can decide when the contents of each mail folder are archived, and you can set your own locations for the archives to be stored.

Experiment with it - if you get/send lots of messages from/to a particular source it can be helpful, you could choose to archive everything older than two weeks, for instance, for one folder, and everything older than four months fo another folder.

You can tell Outlook to send mail immediately when you're on line, in which case it will do exactly that - as soon as you finish each email. Personally I'm not that brave - sometimes I like to go back and edit an email when I've had time to reflect, so I send all mine in batches, when I'm ready

  J B 21:03 12 Apr 2006

Thanks to all of you, you saved my bacon. I think that I will leave auto archive off for the present and continue to play and hopefully learn something new. J.B.

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