Outlook filling up

  steve263000 04:07 13 Apr 2010

I use Outlook for my mail and as anyone who uses it will know it is about the best out there. However recently I have been getting messages that the mailbox is full and I can get no more messages through.

I have cleared out the deleted items file and some stuff I do not need, but as I have a massive hard drive,(500GB) why would this be happening?

Yes like all of us I do get some large files come through, but that is why I use Outlook because it can handle these files with no problem.

any ideas out there?

  northumbria61 07:28 13 Apr 2010

Tips for managing your Outlook mailbox.

click here

  northumbria61 07:32 13 Apr 2010

It's not your mailbox on your computer that's full. It's the provider's server that's full of mail that you left on the server. Use your web access to your provider and your browser
and clean up the mail. You need to change
your settings in Outlook and either uncheck "Leave on server" or select "delete from server after xx days."

  steve263000 09:46 13 Apr 2010

I have checked my account and the box for 'leave message on server' is unchecked. I will check Virgin but I don't think that is the problem.

  steve263000 09:49 13 Apr 2010

I have just checked my server,(Virgin) and as I thought there is no mail at all there and the mail box is empty.

  jaritch 09:59 13 Apr 2010

As you probably know Virgin are now using google for mail. When you log in via the web on the virgin media site check under "All mail", I think it's hidden via "4 more" in the left column. I found tons of stuff dating back to 2006.

Hope that helps.

  steve263000 17:49 13 Apr 2010

I did not know or had forgotten about Virgin and I have searched the site and there is no 'all mail' folder. According to the Virgin site I am using none of the MB due to me.

  jaritch 19:16 13 Apr 2010

Hi Steve
Strange that as I certainly do. Although if you are using 0% then it seems there is nothing there anyway.

Other suggestions would be to phone virgin and explain the problem in case it is a server issue with them.

The other suggestion would be to download mailwasher free click here
and set it up for your account. This program checks your e-mail that is sitting on the server. I use it to get rid of junk before it hits the mailbox in outlook.


  steve263000 08:44 14 Apr 2010

Thanks jaritch. Suprisingly I do not get much junk in this account. I bring in mail from my google accounts as well and their excellent junk filters sort out most of the worst. The junk filter on Outlook 2007 sorts out the little other that comes through. I will check my google accounts though in case the junk filter is full up.

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