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  Bellissima 17:49 02 Sep 2003

any 1 plz tell me how i can send the same e-mail to everyone in my inbox without having to send each one individually..(using outlook express)
.......the 'reply all' button seems to do the same as 'reply'.....it doesnt reply to all of the emails just the selected one ?!(ive tried selecting them all!!!!)........ if any of you could shed some light on this for me i would be greatful

  Tim1964 18:33 02 Sep 2003

If you don't want everyone getting the message to see all the other addresses then click in the bcc box and click on the first address then hold 'shift' and click on the last address (these will see the message but only their name will appear on the email).

  krypt1c 18:50 02 Sep 2003

The 'reply all' option just means send to the sender & anyone else the original mail was sent to (excluding you). If a mail is sent only to you reply all will just send it back to the sender.

  Bellissima 18:56 02 Sep 2003

dont know where bccbox is...stil dont know how to send same email to many people like u say Tim ,without everyone getting loits of addresses but thanks...... thanks kryptic too...
so can n e 1 tel me how to do it tho plz :)

  Megatyte 19:09 02 Sep 2003

Create Mail - Click on the CC address book icon(of course, the recipients need to be in your address book). This will open your address book and give you the BCC option. You also need to enter an address in tho 'To' field on the new mail, just use your own. The recipients will not see the other addresses.


  palinka 19:41 02 Sep 2003

Your OE may have been set up not showing the bcc box (that's what normally happens). To make the bcc box available open a new blank message box; click on Tools and then from the options that appear click on "Select recipients". Click on the name you want to send to and then on the bcc button beside the box of that name. rep[eat thsi for all the people you want to send to without them getting a lot of email adresses. Put one name in the "To" box (similar process to putting nam,es in bcc box)and that's it. Now each person will get just a reply but he/she won't know who else you've written to.

  GroupFC 19:49 02 Sep 2003

Into my postings for future reference.

  Peverelli 20:25 02 Sep 2003

In OE, (having clicked on the 'Create Mail' icon) you can get the Bcc box to show by holding down the Alt button whilst pressing B. Repeat the operation to 'unshow' it.

  Bellissima 19:45 03 Sep 2003

fanx for the help every 1 :)

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