Outlook express/bt internet - what'm I doing wrong

  mco 20:29 14 Nov 2004

Any suggestions please? I got a bt yahoo premier email account and set up Outlook express. Works fine but I've tried to create a new email address (well, 2 in fact) and although they send out no problem, they won't receive any replies. I've followed bt instructions to the letter- I think! - set both outgoing and incoming POP3 and STMP to mail.btinternet.com and have put my original, official user name and password in where it says. It must be something simple, cos I can send. Where have I gone wrong? It's very frustrating! I thought they said you could have up to 5 email addresses -well, I can't!

  mco 20:30 14 Nov 2004

I meant to add that the original email address I set up works fine, so I know it's not the system or me... or is it?

  uisge dorch 20:33 14 Nov 2004

I think it's - mail.btopenworld.com rather than btinternet.

  mco 20:37 14 Nov 2004

usige dorch - according to the instructions sent my by bt, I type in 'btinternet.com' and cuddles - I'm just trying to make one up saying ' [email protected] - so why should that be difficult? what I don't get is why they will send but not receive.

  uisge dorch 20:40 14 Nov 2004

mail.btopenworld.com is what I have - on all my accounts.

  mco 20:45 14 Nov 2004

so what do you have on your pop3 and smtp - mail.btopenworld.com?

  uisge dorch 20:48 14 Nov 2004

That's what I've entered for both of them.

  mco 20:51 14 Nov 2004

I entered (as it said on btyahoo help) mail.btinternet.com on both of them, It'll send but not reply. Just this last second I tried entering the openworld just on the smtp - and it still sent but wouldn't reply. I'm now going to try the same as you, btopenworld on both! I don't hold out much hope though - if it works with my original email, why does it not work with the extra ones?

  mco 21:00 14 Nov 2004

No - I've set them both to btopenworld.com and the emails still go but won't come back. Any offers anyone?

  uisge dorch 21:07 14 Nov 2004

"and have put my original, official user name and password in where it says"

It's just a thought but by "original, official user name" you do mean your own name?

  mco 21:10 14 Nov 2004

when I registered with bt yahoo premium mail i put a name and password - which they sent sent me back to confirm. this is what I've been putting in when I said 'original, official user name' - cos I think that's what they want!

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