Outlook express/bt internet - what'm I doing wrong

  mco 20:29 14 Nov 2004

Any suggestions please? I got a bt yahoo premier email account and set up Outlook express. Works fine but I've tried to create a new email address (well, 2 in fact) and although they send out no problem, they won't receive any replies. I've followed bt instructions to the letter- I think! - set both outgoing and incoming POP3 and STMP to mail.btinternet.com and have put my original, official user name and password in where it says. It must be something simple, cos I can send. Where have I gone wrong? It's very frustrating! I thought they said you could have up to 5 email addresses -well, I can't!

  mco 20:30 14 Nov 2004

I meant to add that the original email address I set up works fine, so I know it's not the system or me... or is it?

  woodt 20:32 14 Nov 2004

I would think that you have to register your new email accounts online with BT first.

  uisge dorch 20:33 14 Nov 2004

I think it's - mail.btopenworld.com rather than btinternet.

  Cuddles 20:34 14 Nov 2004

I have had the same problem with BT accounts on other peoples machines, the problem was with the user name, check the amount of information that goes into it, for example is it the name in front of the @ or is it the whole email address.

  mco 20:37 14 Nov 2004

usige dorch - according to the instructions sent my by bt, I type in 'btinternet.com' and cuddles - I'm just trying to make one up saying ' [email protected] - so why should that be difficult? what I don't get is why they will send but not receive.

  uisge dorch 20:40 14 Nov 2004

mail.btopenworld.com is what I have - on all my accounts.

  mco 20:45 14 Nov 2004

so what do you have on your pop3 and smtp - mail.btopenworld.com?

  uisge dorch 20:48 14 Nov 2004

That's what I've entered for both of them.

  mco 20:51 14 Nov 2004

I entered (as it said on btyahoo help) mail.btinternet.com on both of them, It'll send but not reply. Just this last second I tried entering the openworld just on the smtp - and it still sent but wouldn't reply. I'm now going to try the same as you, btopenworld on both! I don't hold out much hope though - if it works with my original email, why does it not work with the extra ones?

  mco 21:00 14 Nov 2004

No - I've set them both to btopenworld.com and the emails still go but won't come back. Any offers anyone?

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