Outlook express won't open

  pavel 17:50 07 Jun 2004

Hi folks any one help with the following?
Running win 95 using Outlook express then this happened !

1. Emails in Inbox unable to delete them

2. Outlook express then refussed to open siting error "MSIMIN caused invalid page fault in module
WINNIT.DLL at 0137:70253a5a" and then a lot of "EAX0000000" type numbers .

Problem address book and emails that are downloaded and unread are unreachable.

Question 1 Is it posible to delete MSIMIN.EXE and reload it from win95 disc and thus avoiding uninstall (lose address book) and reinstall OE from disc? OR is there another way around this that save address book?

Question two What caused inabillity to delete emails in first place? (accademic interest if not the sign of another problem)

Thanks folks

  GrahamP 19:51 07 Jun 2004

Answer 1 Just deleting MSIMIN.EXE probably won't work. You really need to reinstall Outlook Express and probably Internet Explorer.

This shouldn't delete your messages and address book. But to be on the safe side you should back them up. If you can get in to O/E you can use File/Export. If not, use Start/Find to look for *.wab (address book) and copy somewhere safe, then *.dbx for the message files. Back up the whole folder. If reinstall does delete them, putting them back in the orignal message folder should make them reaccessible as long as you do it as a job lot. You can also import from such a copy.

Answer 2. Something has corrupted MSIMIN.EXE but I've no idea what. Could be anything from finger trouble to cosmic rays. I've not heard of a virus doing this but take the usual precautions - update and run your virus checker, update Windows.

Good Luck

  john-232317 20:14 07 Jun 2004

Try this link that i got from VOG.

It sorted some problems i had with OE.

  john-232317 20:15 07 Jun 2004

Ooops link would be handy

click here

  GaT7 21:09 07 Jun 2004

Do you mean 'Msimn has caused an invalid page fault in module WININET.DLL' - click here.

As a preventive measure, once you've solved this problem try not to accumulate too many messages in the Inbox folder. Instead create more folders (appropriately named as per your needs) & regularly move Inbox messages to these folders. HTH, G

  pavel 20:45 09 Jun 2004

I will give it a go and see what happens, I think the fault is due to a lack of Hard disc space, looking at the links you gave me , I will try out the fixes
Thank you

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