Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail

  Green Eyes 12:56 13 Mar 2010


I am using a new PC with Windows 7 and I find it does not have Outlook Express but the advice seems to be to use Windows Live Mail. I get my current email address from Plusnet so it is in the format [email protected].

My question is - is it possible to use this email address with Windows Live Mail (their addresses seem to end in hotmail.com and live.com) and if so how?

If not does anyone know how I can continue to use my current email address via another email program?

(Sorry if this is a stupid question but I'm not very techy!)

  birdface 13:05 13 Mar 2010

You will not be able to use that e-mail address on Windows Live mail.
I suppose you could download Incredimail or Thunderbird and use it on them.

  Sea Urchin 18:01 13 Mar 2010

Sorry to disagree, but yes, you can use that address on Windows Live Mail - which is an updated version of Outlook Express that you need to download to your computer. You are confusing it with Windows Live Hotmail, which is web-based email.

Download from click here

  birdface 18:24 13 Mar 2010

Just tried it maybe i am getting a bit mixed up mind you.
But it tells me I have no inbox and to sign up for a Hotmail e-mail address.

You don't have an inbox...yet

Sign up for Windows Live Hotmail and get a free, customizable inbox with lots of storage and great security.

Note: Whether you use Hotmail or not, you can always go to your contact list.

I can open it but cannot send or receive mail using my Virginmedia E-mail address.

  Sea Urchin 18:31 13 Mar 2010

Have you downloaded the program? You then set it up for your account/s just like Incredimail or Thunderbird (or Outlook Express).

  birdface 18:53 13 Mar 2010

Must be doing something wrong i can use it with a MSN e-mail account but it is not interested in the Virginmedia address.it keeps wanting me to change to hotmail.
I will have a good look at it tomorrow to see what I am doing wrong.
It lets me get onto Windows messenger with the virginmedia address but it will not give me a mail box with it so cannot send or receive messages with it not that I am that bothered.

But I will have a good look at it tomorrow.
Thanks for getting back to me.

  Sea Urchin 19:05 13 Mar 2010

I use it with an ntlworld address (which of course is Virgin) and no problem. I also pick up messages from a TalkTalk address and an old OneTel address.

  birdface 19:48 13 Mar 2010

[I use it with an ntlworld address (which of course is Virgin]
I can use it with that But cannot use the ntlworld e-mail address for sending or collecting e-mails.
Maybe I have to configure it someway.
I very seldom use anything but Incredimail for sending and receiving so maybe not set it up properly.

  hawthorn59 02:31 14 Mar 2010

As one who for years has been getting excellent help here I hope now I might be able to offer a little back!!!

I had exactly the same situation a few weeks ago.
heres how I got it all to work very well!

I presume you all know how to go to the store folder in OE and copy all messages to a folder on the desktop, then copy it to perhaps a USB drive.
(All this is on the old pc...yes?)

Then, and this might be the key to some of the email address issues; in OE go to TOOLS / Accounts and export your email accounts to a folder and then to USB.

Then on new pc, with windows live mail downloaded and installed (dont fill in any settings if it asks you) IMPORT the email accounts.

Finally IMPORT the messages, and all should be there in the correct folders.

Now this is my first major attempt at solving a problem and I hope I didnt leave out some of the steps!!

best of luck


  tiscalitrev 09:05 14 Mar 2010

Like the Op I rently upgraded to Win7 and downloaded Win Live Mail.
I can confirm that my Plusnet email works perfectly, as does my Virgin and Freeserve ones.
All that was necessary was to set up the accounts in Live mail by entering the POP and SMTP settings. I was not bothered with transferring any messages from Outlook Exopress so did not go down the route as thehill mentions above.

  Green Eyes 12:19 14 Mar 2010

Thanks for the information but could you tell me how I get to the screen where I can enter the POP and SMTP settings?

I get as far as the "you do not have an inbox yet" screen in Window Live but where do I go from here?

(Sorry to be thick!)

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