Outlook Express with Windows 7

  steadman7 20:30 09 Feb 2010

Is it possible to use OE on a laptop running W7, and if so any advise as to how to set this up would be appreciated.

  MAT ALAN 20:35 09 Feb 2010

Is it possible to use OE on a laptop running W7


windows live mail or thunderbird...

  birdface 20:36 09 Feb 2010

Not sure if you can get Outlook Express to run on Windows 7 it does not come with it installed and they are supposed to stopping support for it shortly.

  birdface 20:38 09 Feb 2010

Or try Incredimail if you want a fun e-mail provider.It works ok on W/7.

  David4637 16:03 10 Feb 2010

Can you get OE to work on W7? Thanks David

  MAT ALAN 17:50 10 Feb 2010


in a word NO!!!!

  Pine Man 18:52 10 Feb 2010

A simple Google search would have given your answer and confirms precisely what MAT ALAN says NO!!!

  john bunyan 19:05 10 Feb 2010

No. I now use Outlook 2007 and regret the loss of OE as I was familiar with it and have not yet learned how to have two accounts / identities.

  blazingbadger 19:15 10 Feb 2010

I have Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student version what is the version I have

  blazingbadger 19:18 10 Feb 2010

Should have said What version of mail will mine be

  Pine Man 19:24 10 Feb 2010

Your operating system dictates the default email program not your Office program.

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