Outlook Express window.....I can't get it to float

  tnelis 10:31 03 Aug 2003

Outlook Express window.....I can't get it to float on the screen...it has that tiny double-box on the top right of the window, and whenever I click on it , it does NOT turn into a single tiny box, it simply makes the window minimize and disappear...any ideas please?

  jazzypop 12:41 03 Aug 2003

Does this help? click here

Or this? click here

What happens if you just double-click the title bar of the window (the thick blue bar at the top of the window, with the title of the program across it)?

  tnelis 13:32 03 Aug 2003

thanks jazzypop....just the ticket clicking on the blue top....I've also bookmarked allexperts and support center, cheers!

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