Outlook Express - Wanadoo Email Problem

  Legslip 12:19 17 Sep 2009

My friend has an email address along the lines of [email protected]. He says that people have always been able to put what they like in front of @smithstreet.wanadoo.co.uk and he could download his messages into OXpress. I have tried and sent him an email and put abc in front of @smithstreet.wanadoo.co.uk and the email certainly arrives in his web based Orange Inbox.
Does anyone know how to setup OXpress so that all emails sent to [email protected] arrive in his Inbox?
Assistance will be greatly appreciated.

  nob14 13:43 17 Sep 2009



  Legslip 14:17 17 Sep 2009

Sorry Nob14 but can you kindly elaborate? I take it that these are the mail server settings. What do I put in the rest of Oxpress to receive emails sent to [email protected]

  Daiol 17:23 17 Sep 2009

Regarding the abc in front [email protected]*******.I tried that and the email came back to me & went into my inbox in OE6,I think that you would have to set the OE6 to be the default email.'Not orange',Open OE6 tools > options > Select Make Default,at the bottom right.
Hope that's what your after.daiol.

  nob14 21:30 17 Sep 2009

Look here,

click here

  Legslip 21:34 17 Sep 2009

Thanks Daiol. Don't think perhaps I have made clear the problem. OutXpress is the default mail manager. It would seem that it is possible to put anything you like in front of @smithstreet.wanadoo.co.uk and the emails certainly arrive in the Orange server and you can view them by logging into the website. My friend says that he could always download them into OutXpress up until someone fiddled with his PC. It must be something to do with the mail settings in outXpress. just need to know if it is possible to set it up to download the emails?

  Legslip 21:57 17 Sep 2009

I have done a bit of research. Could this be something to do with IMAP, which I am unfamiliar with? Does anyone know what you put in the incoming and outgoing mail server boxes for an Orange IMAP account? Am i barkin up the right tree?

  Legslip 23:41 17 Sep 2009

Come on my dear brainboxes, I need help with this!

  ened 09:25 18 Sep 2009

I have an idea that Freeserve has changed it's policies recently.

I used to put nothing behind the @***.wan...etc.

OE duly downloaded all mail sent to those email addresses.

Likewise I used to do that when I went to the server direct.

Recently I had to reset everything and now only get the addresses I specifically ask for.

Having said all that are you aware that if you don't use the account to dial-up/connect to the internet then they will suspend the account after about nine months?

In order to re-instate it you have to log on and tell them you want to keep it open. It is a simple procedure and I only do it in case I miss somebody from my past.

  Legslip 22:00 18 Sep 2009

Thanks Ened. Still struggling with this one. Basically I just want to know if it is possible to download into Out Xpress any emails that are sitting in my pals account on the Orange server and is so, what you put in the boxes in oOut Xpress. Still need help on this one!

  Woolwell 22:15 18 Sep 2009

I can understand what you want but cannot crack the settings as yet. In Windows Mail I only get my [email protected] in Outlook I get [email protected]

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