Outlook Express versus Outlook

  AlanHo 23:09 22 Sep 2003

In Outlook Express - if I right click on a message then properties > details I can see the originators Email address, the message routing and timings etc.

Is it possible to get the same info when using Outlook - if so - how ?

  Terrahawk 00:26 23 Sep 2003

open the message left click on the name next to from to highlight, then right click/ properties and it will give their email adress

  AlanHo 07:19 23 Sep 2003


Thanks for the info - but I still cannot get the amount of information available in Outlook Express.

Some time go I changed from using Outlook Express to Outlook and exported all my files to Outlook when I migrated. It would appear that when you migrate the files they are stripped of the hidden information because I cannot get the Email addresses from the migrated files. Messages sent or received using Outlook are OK. I have lost someone's Email address and was hoping to get it from one of their old messages - but no joy.

  [DELETED] 12:49 23 Sep 2003

Right click on the message header in your inbox and select Options.

There should be a box pops up (Message Options).

At the bottom of that box there is box with the e-mail header information (just like Outlook Express).



  AlanHo 20:34 23 Sep 2003


Thanks for the info - you were spot on.

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