Outlook Express version 5

  marble 15:26 15 Feb 2004

I use Win 98SE. For the last 2/3 days Outlook Express grinds to a halt saying that it is not responding. I try to shut the machine down but it does it extremely slowly then gives a blue screen.

I thought I had nothing better to do than go into Add/Remove Programs and ask it to do a repair.

However - in the Add/Remove Programs list there is no mention of Outlook Express or even Internet Explorer.

I am a bit stumped and don't know what to do now.

Can anyone help please?

  LastChip 15:45 15 Feb 2004

Have you got anti-virus software? The first thing I would do is a virus scan. It may not be related, but any instances of chronic slowdowns really reqire a scan as a starting point.

If you have got a virus, that could also tie in with your inability to repair Explorer.

  marble 15:54 15 Feb 2004

Anti Virus software reports all is clean as a whistle but must admit it was the first thing I thought of.

Will go to a site offering on-line virus scanning and see if that reports differently.

Thanks for prompting me.

  961 16:36 15 Feb 2004

You really need to be on Outlook Express 6 for security reasons

Updates on most computer magazine cover disks

  marble 16:40 15 Feb 2004

Thanks 961 - have been considering it.

Do Win 98SE and IE6/OE6 get along with each other OK?

Done a secondary on-line virus scan and all is clear.

Was just perplexed that my IE and OE had disappeared from Add/Remove Progs

  VoG II 16:44 15 Feb 2004

IE is listed as Microsoft Internet Explorer (or should be).

  LastChip 16:49 15 Feb 2004

You could try going to Start; Run; and type the command


press enter and let it run. SFC (System File Check) will check all your essential Windows files and prompt you to replace any that seem corrupted. You will need your Win CD handy, just in case!

  marble 16:52 15 Feb 2004

Yes - thanks - I know VoG. They have both disappeared from the face of my Add/Remove Progs List though !!

I guess I will install IE6 from a cover disk tomorrow. That should do the trick.

Thanks folks - I'll shout for help again if I get into bother.


  marble 16:55 15 Feb 2004

Thanks LastChip - someone had suggested that to me - just remember my last experience of sfc - I didn't like it to well!

I may well give it a go tomorrow though before installing version 6.


  PanMan 16:57 15 Feb 2004

sfc is not a feature supported by Win98 SE internet explorer is not included in my add/remove programs either on Win ME I will try to re-activate the grey matter on how to do it.

  LastChip 17:38 15 Feb 2004

I beg to differ. SFC is most definately supported in '98se, in fact I just ran it on my test system to varify I wasn't going mad! It is NOT supported in ME, as System Restore is the replacement facility offered by Microsoft.

This is a fresh install (yesterday) and whilst I was at it, decided to investigate the other problem of not having a repair facility for IE.

It appears as IE is a fully integrated application in '98se, it does NOT appear in Add/Remove programs from a fresh install. If however you upgrade to a later version, it then becomes available as a repair option. So if marble decides to load version six for example, it should then appear in Add/Remove programs.

There is however an Add/Remove programs facility on the CD ROM, if you place it in the drive. As I didn't want to screw up my system, I didn't invstigate the possibility of a repair option from there, but something in the back of my mind, tells me it's possible.

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