dezi 19:06 29 Aug 2003

I use 'windows xp' with 'outlook express'. The other day I was 'sucked into' clicking a button
that activated 'miscrosoft outlook'(I dislike it!)
This program has taken over my 'outlook express' and makes me nervous when having to email! I cant find a way back to just good old 'outlook express'.Is there someone there who has been able to get over of this dilemma ? if so please let me have the procedure.

  Andsome 19:14 29 Aug 2003

In Outlook express, TOOLS/OPTIONS/GENERAL. Down the bottom you can choose to make outlook Express the default mail handler.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:14 29 Aug 2003

Start Outlook Exp. and go to tools-options-general and click 'make this application the default mail handler' at the bottom of general tab.


  dezi 20:36 29 Aug 2003

Thanks guys,thats me back to normality. That 'microsoft outlook' came on me like a ton of bricks when it first acticvated. Im sure however that there must be as many folks use and like 'microsoft outlook' as there are 'outlook express only' users.
I would'nt mind a few pro and or con comments on both. It seems to me that uncluterd simplicity is the way ahead, as for instance 'outlook express'. I mean..., there is only a certain amount of time for learning multi task type programmes, we have to get on with other things !?

  whybe 01:14 30 Aug 2003

Although Outlook was designed for the business enviroment and that is where I first found it, using it at home is a lot like having an assistant on your PC. As well as email, presented like a Word type document together wtih the Office Assistant, it provides schedules, calendar, notes (electronic Post Its) tasks (very useful for me)It also has the ability to link all your emails to and from the people in your contacts list, so you don't have search through multitudes of folders. A bit like a PDA in function. Once you get use to it (and the basics are similar to OE)you won't go back. Well I didn't.

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