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Outlook Express/ Tiscali/ Talktalk email problem.

  muddypaws 09:29 13 Oct 2014

XP Home. For the last few days the only emails I have received are a couple from well known stores. No private ones that I know have been sent to me. More strangely they don't appear in TT web mail in box either. I can send from my OE Tiscali account to my gmail address, but not vice versa.

I have checked all pop3 settings and all message rules and blocked senders' lists in OE and all is OK.

Never come across this before. Don't particular want to change my email address. Just wonder if a password change would correct it in case messages are being syphoned off.

Advice please.


  cruiser2 15:11 16 Oct 2014

I lost my internet connection yesterday. Have had three phone calls with TT. Switched everything off last night including the router. This morning after a long phone call to TT it is back to normal service apart from one email address. I know emails have been sent to it but they are not appearing in the Inbox. I am using Firefox to log into the emails. This problem is now being investigated and hopefully corrected by the special team at TT. Very strange as the other TT email addresses are working correctly. Never had it before.

  Batch 15:37 16 Oct 2014


To set account as default in OE, go to Tools, Accounts, select the account you want and click Set As Default.

By default, emails in OE are sent from from the default account. To send from another one, in the Write screen, click on the drop down arrow at the right of the From box and select another account.

Apologies if my earlier reply was a bit long winded - just trying to cover all teh bases.

  muddypaws 20:30 16 Oct 2014


No probs re your last.

Just realised that my last post was a bit pointless, but thanks for replying to it.

Pointless--because I have a short cut to Tis. web mail on d/top so that suffices, and I can get both accounts on my devices when I am out should I want to.

Problem solved without faffing about (:-}}

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