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Outlook Express/ Tiscali/ Talktalk email problem.

  muddypaws 09:29 13 Oct 2014

XP Home. For the last few days the only emails I have received are a couple from well known stores. No private ones that I know have been sent to me. More strangely they don't appear in TT web mail in box either. I can send from my OE Tiscali account to my gmail address, but not vice versa.

I have checked all pop3 settings and all message rules and blocked senders' lists in OE and all is OK.

Never come across this before. Don't particular want to change my email address. Just wonder if a password change would correct it in case messages are being syphoned off.

Advice please.


  muddypaws 19:10 13 Oct 2014

I am hoping that this is a fault at TT end.

Everywhere I look on forums TT are saying you can no longer change Tiscali address or password.

  muddypaws 11:31 15 Oct 2014

I have changed my email address so that has solved it. Now working through all the store log in details.

Thanks for all the advice.

  Batch 17:38 15 Oct 2014

"Everywhere I look on forums TT are saying you can no longer change Tiscali address or password."

I can login and get access to change password functionality (I haven't attempted to actually change the password, but the option is definitely there).

In my case I login to My Accounts (at click here using my LineOne email address (which pre-dates even Tiscali), from there I can (seemingly) change the details for any of my LineOne or Tiscali email addresses (the Tiscali ones were created as additional ones under the old LineOne dial-up Internet account that I had many years ago).

  Batch 17:40 15 Oct 2014

I should also add that I can't login under My Account at TT using the Tiscali email addresses as the LineOne one is the "master" and that has to be used to login.

  muddypaws 21:36 15 Oct 2014

I deleted the Tiscali account from OE yesterday, but I can still access it from my devices and annoyingly I now see it is working as per normal. ie nothing being deleted from Tiscali webmail

So was it a Tiscali problem after all??!!

  muddypaws 21:38 15 Oct 2014


I can log in to either via the TT webmail.

  spuds 23:25 15 Oct 2014


Like muddypaws, I can also log into both the Tiscali or Lineone accounts, using the appropriate login details for each account.

What I find very annoying with TalkTalk, is that I have requested any email communications from them is done via my original Lineone email address, but for some reason yet not explained, they will use the Tiscali email address, which I seldom use.

  Batch 09:32 16 Oct 2014

Maybe we are at slight cross purposes? I was commenting on the ability (or not) to change password. I got to the appropriate function to do this by logging in to My Account (not webmail).

In my case I had (many years ago) LineOne dial-up Internet. I've never had broadband with LineOne, Tiscali or TT. However, the LineOne account had support for several email addresses and I set-up some others under that guise. So from a management point of view (i.e. not webmail retreival) I had to login to the LineOne account (now under My Account with TT) for managing all of the email addresses. This is still the same now, although I noticed yesterday when I logged in that I can now choose which email address details are to be used to login to My Account.

Of course, to login to webmail (or access email using an email client) I would use each email address's specific details.

Also, others may have several LineOne / Tiscali / TT email addresess that have all been created entirely separately and so have to use each email address's details to login in to My Account (for each respective email address). Although it appears that the site has a way to link them under one My Account login.

One further wrinkle in I noticed. Years ago I set-up my LineOne email and one of my Tiscali emails to forward all emails to the other Tiscali email address that I have. Consequently I only check (in my email client) that last email address. This all works fine still. But again, when I logged in to My Account yesterday I saw that there is no way to manage email forwarding now. So I'm now stuck with the forwarding set-up that I have (which is fine as it stands and I see no reason to want to change, but then you never know).

  muddypaws 12:28 16 Oct 2014

Now that my Tiscali account appears to be working OK ( on Nexus and Samsung) if I add the account again to OE I assume there is an option to set one or other as default.

Also, if I remember correctly from years ago, you get a choice within OE as to which account you send from before you start to compose/ send.

Am I correct?


Sound a bit involved, but I understand what you mean.

  muddypaws 12:30 16 Oct 2014

By default I mean in OE accounts, not which device.

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