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Outlook Express/ Tiscali/ Talktalk email problem.

  muddypaws 09:29 13 Oct 2014

XP Home. For the last few days the only emails I have received are a couple from well known stores. No private ones that I know have been sent to me. More strangely they don't appear in TT web mail in box either. I can send from my OE Tiscali account to my gmail address, but not vice versa.

I have checked all pop3 settings and all message rules and blocked senders' lists in OE and all is OK.

Never come across this before. Don't particular want to change my email address. Just wonder if a password change would correct it in case messages are being syphoned off.

Advice please.


  muddypaws 10:41 13 Oct 2014

Further to my last:

I can send from my address to my Tiscali address from my Nexus and message appears in my Tiscali in box on the Nexus. I do not open it, but then check OE on the PC. Nothing there. Re-open email app on Nexus the message is there for a split second then vanishes. Check webmail and not there.

  muddypaws 11:26 13 Oct 2014


Thanks for reply. I have used the same settings for 10 years without a problem, also the same on N7 and Samsung phone. but note what you say.

I have no options to delete at server checked.

I have just ordered an item on ebay so will see if I get any notifications.

Nothing in OE deleted or web spam folders.

  spuds 11:29 13 Oct 2014

Not sure if this as anything to do with the question, but every so often TalkTalk seem to have varied email problems with their website. It went through such an event the other day, but was corrected eventually.

If you are having email collection problems, then there might be a way around this, for short term. Try using the following link, using the advanced security mode click here

  muddypaws 11:32 13 Oct 2014

Paypal have acknowledged on Nexus ( Tiscali address) but nothing in OE.

Whilst typing it has vanished from Nexus and if it was in webmail it has gone from there. !!

  muddypaws 11:37 13 Oct 2014


Used that many moons ago. It wont connect at the moment.

  muddypaws 11:42 13 Oct 2014

Connected, but no mails since a John Lewis one yesterday.

  Batch 12:35 13 Oct 2014

I use a tiscali account (several in fact) and working fine.

Is it possible that your email has been hacked and the reason that you are seeing the emails fleetingly is that the hacker is accessing and downloading the emails without leaving a copy on the server?

Alternatively, as others have intimated, you have a configuration issue with "leaving messages on server" not being set on devices other than your main PC.

Personally I use a mixture of POP and IMAP. I have my main (desktop) PC set up to use POP3 (with leave messages on server not set) so that everything is downloaded and removed from the cloud. All other devices (laptop, netbook, tablet, phone) use POP3 (with messages left on server) or IMAP. To be quite honest I really ought to change the POP3 usage on everything but the main PC to IMAP but I've never got round to it.

  lotvic 12:54 13 Oct 2014

Also check under View that you have it set to 'Show all emails' as it seems to me that you could have it set to 'only show unread messages' (or similar depending on which prog you use).

  muddypaws 13:33 13 Oct 2014

Thanks for all advice. Will check all.

Have been on to TT by phone for 30 minutes. Very helpful, but no resolution as yet. Sent a couple of mails from Tiscali web to Tisc web while on the phone. Appeared and vanished after a minute or so. She has escalated the fault. So wait and see.

  muddypaws 13:48 13 Oct 2014

All settings on Samsung and Nexus are correct.

'Delete from server' .....Never.

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